• Bhogi, Makara means Capricorn, the only indian festival with unchanged date, Kanuma

    The only Indian festival with unchanged date 11 January 2014

    Every Indian festival date changes yearly and Makara Sankranthi is the only Indian festival whose date remains constant. Why is it so ??  Well we can provide to little bit information on this. Makara means Capricorn and Sankranti is transition,...

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    pongal sankranti, sankranti hyderabad. Govardhana giri, hyderabad regains its lost charm on sankranti eve, Kanuma

    Hyderabad regains its lost charm on Sankranti eve 15 January 2013

    Kanuma is being celebrated across the state grandly. This festival is something similar to Mattu Pongal in Tamil Nadu.  On this day,  people make it a point to eat non-vegetarian. In mythology, it's believed that on Kanuma, Lord Krishna lifted...

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    Sankranti updates from Hyderabad, mukanuma, sankranti updates from hyderabad, Kanuma

    Sankranti updates from Hyderabad! 13 January 2013

    Wishesh wishes all the ardent readers a 'Happy Sankranti'. Sankranti updates from Hyderabad commences with avid celebrations of Bhogi in the hitech city. The whole city is spruced with colorful rangoli (muggulu) to welcome the festival. Most of the folks...

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