• , , bollywood stars at lista jewels store lunch, Jewels

    Bollywood Stars at Lista Jewels Store Lunch 31 October 2013

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    jewels and precious stones, Rs 20, treasure hunt on near ap secretariat, Jewels

    Treasure hunt on near AP secretariat 20 February 2012

    The building in which the school is being operated belongs to the heirs of Wanaparthi Samsthan which, at one point of time, owned more than one lakh acres. And its royal members were very rich. This gives credence to the...

    Keywords: Excavation, T B Raju, Wanaparthi Samsthan, unscrupulous treasure hunters

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    Middle East Watch & Jewellery Show, Middle East Watch & Jewellery Show, mideast watch jewellery show opens in expo centre sharjah, Jewels

    MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show opens in Expo Centre Sharjah... 27 March 2013

    "Over 450 exhibitors, raffles, and fashion events lend sparkle to event in Sharjah" A bewildered range of jewellery and accessories is being showcased at the Middle East Watch and Jewellery Show, which is being held at the Expo Centre Sharjah....

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    Anushka's jewellery in Rudramadevi, Rudramadevi Jewelery, anushka wearing more jewellery than aish, Jewels

    Anushka wearing more jewellery than Aish? 01 July 2013

    Period films created on a large scale call for heavy jewelry. Gunasekhar's new movie Rudramadevi has enough glitter and maybe more. The film's main protagonist, played by Anushka, is believed to be presented with a display of fine jewels worth...

    Keywords: Anushka as Rudramadevi, Rudramadevi Jewelery, Anushka's jewellery in Rudramadevi, Gunasekhar's Rudramadevi movie

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    Zaveri Bazaar, allegedly burgled, security guard robs rs 80 lakh jewels from shop he was guarding, Jewels

    Security guard robs Rs 80 lakh jewels from shop he was 'guarding 30 November 2011

    In Mumbai a Security guard allegedly burgled jewels worth Rs 80 lakh from the jewellery shop in Zaveri Bazaar he was supposed to be guarding in the wee hours of Monday. Dalpat Singh, the owner of Mateshwari Jewellers, Dhanaji Street, Silver...

    Keywords: Security guard mumbai, LT Marg police., jewels 80 lakh, Mateshwari Jewellers

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    biologist, Rainforest, rainforest amazon wildest beauty on the earth, Jewels

    Rainforest Amazon....Wildest beauty on the Earth! 06 March 2013

    "Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal." Edward O. Wilson (An American biologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist and author). About the Rainforests... Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with definitions based on...

    Keywords: biotic, naturalist, biologist, carbon dioxide Edward O. Wilson

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    Pawan Kalyan new steps, Pawan Kalyan next, pawan kalyan challenges tdp on ttd jewels issue, Jewels

    Pawan Kalyan Challenges TDP On TTD Jewels Issue 22 June 2018

    Pawan Kalyan Challenges TDP On TTD Jewels Issue:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan yesterday took twitter and he slammed TDP about the missing pink diamond and Ramana Deekshitulu issue. He then asked TDP to break the silence and explain what exactly...

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    medici palazzo in florence, millionaires in london, london luxury fair masterpiece showcased, Jewels

    London luxury fair Masterpiece showcased! 28 June 2013

    Millionaires accompanied by celebrities overcrowded into the launch of London luxury fair Masterpiece, an annual shopping extravaganza for the rarest art, jewellery and antiques. Remarkably superior items on show on Tuesday night included a huge Roy Lichtenstein painting called Puzzle...

    Keywords: roy lichtenstein painting, london celebrities., millionaires fair, vintage jewels

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    , , celebs at jewels of asia event stills, Jewels

    Celebs at Jewels of Asia Event Stills 31 July 2014

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    french riviera resort of cannes, nearly 40 million euros jewels stolen in cannes, theif runs away with jewels worth 40 million euros, Jewels

    Theif runs away with jewels worth 40 million Euros 29 July 2013

    Authorities at Cannes confirmed a large robbery. The investigators brought into prominence about an armed man stole jewels accompanying an approximated value of 40 million euros (S$67.1 million) in a shameless robbery in broad daylight at a diamond exhibition in...

    Keywords: french riviera resort, nearly 40 million euros jewels stolen in cannes, cannes, cannes

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    Maharajas Express, Southern Jewels Tour, irctc announces launch of new luxury tour, Jewels

    IRCTC Announces Launch Of New Luxury Tour 10 June 2017

    IRCTC Announces Launch Of New Luxury Tour:- A new tour circuit of Maharajas Express, the Southern Jewels Tour was announced yesterday by the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC). IRCTC Group General Manager SS Jagannathan told reporters, ÔÇťAimed...

    Keywords: Maharajas Express, Southern Jewels Tour, Maharajas Express, IRCTC

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