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  • Bruce Almighty, Jennifer Aniston, will she walk down the aisle again, Jennifer aniston

    Will she walk down the aisle again? 09 August 2013

    A little birdie told us that the 'Bruce Almighty' girls Jennifer Aniston and filmmaker fiance Justin Theroux are headed for a weekend wedding! Sourced close to the couple have hinted that the long-standing couple might get married in a private...

    Keywords: Jennifer Aniston, Are Jennifer and Justin headed for a 'surprise weekend wedding', Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston

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    Jennifer Aniston at movie shooting, Jennifer Aniston new look, who s old jennifer aniston shows not me, Jennifer aniston

    Who's old? Jennifer Aniston shows 'not me' 20 July 2013

    Actress and former F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Jennifer Aniston is setting an example to her peers by showing off how health and fitness can be maintained even at the age of 44. Jennifer is not only looking toned, but also busy as...

    Keywords: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston photo shoot., Jennifer Aniston in mini skirt, Jennifer Aniston

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    Sandra Bullock, Gutsy Jolie is highest paid, gutsy jolie is highest paid, Jennifer aniston

    Gutsy Jolie is highest paid 31 July 2013

    Forbes has listed Angelina Jolie as the highest paid actress in Hollywood for this year. The actress is believed to have made a whopping $33 million dollar, despite being away from movies for the past three years. She was last...

    Keywords: Natalie Portman, Forbes, Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman

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    Jessica Alba, Madonna, hot faces making us crazy, Jennifer aniston

    Hot Faces making us crazy! 02 March 2013

    These are the most popular romantic Hollywood Actresses making people crazy around the globe follows below: Angelina Jolie Jessica Alba   Jennifer Aniston   Kate Winslet   Salma Hayek Halle Berry   Alicia Silverstone   Lindsay Lohan   Drew Barrymore...

    Keywords: Carmen Electra, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet, Kate Winslet

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