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  • Pew research, Pew research, 74 indians says achche din in indian economy, Indian economy

    74% Indians says ‘Achche din’ in Indian economy 25 July 2015

    Pew research report released on July 23, 2015, said 74 percent of Indians believe that  the country’s economic conditions are good, a 10 percent jump from a year ago. “In emerging markets, half or more in 14 of 21 countries...

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    Printing currency, RBI, pm s new proposal for printing currency, Indian economy

    PM's new proposal for printing currency 03 April 2015

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inquired with the RBI officials about the idea of  manufacturing the paper and ink used for currency notes. The Prime Minister, who attended the financial conclave organized by the central government to celebrate its 80yrs of...

    Keywords: Indian currency, RBI, Indian economy, Narendra Modi

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    Supreme Court, Black money, bring black money reduce tax sc, Indian economy

    Bring Black money, reduce tax: SC 27 March 2014

    The Supreme Court of India has slapped the Union government by rejecting its plea to recall its earlier order to set up a Special Investigation Team [SIT] to probe all cases of black money. The three-judge bench headed by Justice...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Top Stories, Top Stories

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    Falling rupee., Indian economy and G20 Summit, manmohan s plans for india at the g20 summit, Indian economy

    Manmohan's plans for India at the G20 Summit 04 September 2013

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is leaving to Russia with big plans for India at the G20 Summit. At the summit, the PM intends to emphasize the need for development, job creation, infrastructure investment and growth in developing countries. Following are...

    Keywords: Indian economic crisis, Manmohan plans at G20, PM speech before G20 Summit, Indian economic crisis

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    Asia Pacific sovereigns, Asia Pacific sovereigns, indian economy strong to face external shocks, Indian economy

    Indian economy strong to face external shocks 23 April 2015

    Rating agency Moody's said emerging economies in Asia Pacific region, including India, have a high degree of immunity to external shocks, but will face challenges when the US Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates. "A common challenge for emerging economies...

    Keywords: US Federal Reserve, Moody’s, Moody’s, Moody’s

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    Loan recovery, Banking sector, loan recovery a big question to indian banks, Indian economy

    Loan recovery, a big question to Indian banks! 25 May 2015

    In the first quarter of this year, even the economy is expected to have outpaced China, the loan recovery issue is going to be long term problem for the Indian banks.  Tragic growth rate in lending! According to the fiscal year...

    Keywords: Indian economy, Indian economy, Banking sector, Loan recovery

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    WPI inflation stands at, WPI inflation stands at, deflationary trend energising market conditions, Indian economy

    Deflationary Trend Energising Market Conditions 16 March 2015

    Inflation levels based on the WPI (Wholesale Price Index) continued to be India’s happy news as it falls from -0.39% to -2.06%. Global crude oil prices still are on its weaker level, which is catalyzing the Indian Economy as we...

    Keywords: RBI Monetary Policy review, Indian economy importance, WPI inflation stands at, Indian economy importance

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    Fiscal year, Fiscal year, indian economy is vibrant imf, Indian economy

    Indian economy is vibrant, IMF 07 May 2015

    India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, according to the IMF's latest economic health check. The other Asian giant China's economy is slowing, according to the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Regional Economic Outlook for Asia and...

    Keywords: Indian economy, Regional Economic Outlook, Fiscal year, Regional Economic Outlook

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    Finance Minister Chidambaram, Forex outflow, finance minister brainstorms on indian economy, Indian economy

    Finance Minister brainstorms on Indian economy 19 August 2013

    Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram has taken up an assessment of the current economic situation in the country in a meeting with heads of various departments. The purpose of the 3 hour long meeting was to brainstorm on ways to...

    Keywords: RBI, Prime Minister's Office, Indian Economy, Indian Finance Minister

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    goods and services tax, goods and services tax, business eying gst but will it provide any succor to common man, Indian economy

    Business eying GST, but will it provide any succor to common man? 29 May 2014

    One of the biggest challenges for the new government would be to get India's derailed economy back on track and running. And what better way to begin than by introducing country's most ambitious indirect tax reform plan - Goods and...

    Keywords: gst india, Special news, gst india, Special news

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    Top Stories, IMF, india can resume 8 or 9 growth soon imf, Indian economy

    India can resume 8 or 9% growth soon: IMF 12 March 2015

    International Monetary Fund has said there is no reason why India could not resume an eight or nine per cent or even higher growth rate in the coming years. "There's certainly no reason why India could not resume 8, 9,...

    Keywords: growth rate, growth rate, growth rate, Indian economy

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    investment destination, Indian economy, corruption free india became the attractive investment destination, Indian economy

    Corruption free India became the attractive investment destination 03 June 2015

    A dynamic and strong leadership at the Centre and reliable central banking institutions, has made India to be an "attractive investment destination" in the past one year, a top American investor banker said today. "India is perhaps one of the...

    Keywords: Indian economy, FDI, investment destination, investment destination

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    PM Modi, Finance Minister, nirmala sitharaman to declare budget for 2020, Indian economy

    Nirmala Sitharaman To Declare Budget For 2020 01 February 2020

    Nirmala Sitharaman To Declare Budget For 2020:- Sitharaman is at the Parliament to give updates on the 2020 Budget. The copies of the budget are out. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have arrived at the Parliament. The Budget would focus...

    Keywords: PM Modi, Finance Minister, Budget 2020, Budget 2020

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    Tony Abbott state visit India, Gujarat riots 2002, modi shouldn t be blamed for riots, Indian economy

    Modi shouldn't be blamed for riots 06 September 2014

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that Narendra Modi should not be blamed for the Gujarat riots in 2002. In an exclusive interview to a TV channel, Abbott opined that Modi who was then chief minister of Gujarat was just...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Indian economy, G20 summit 2014, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

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    Indian economy, Indian economy, india bright spot terms standard poor s, Indian economy

    India 'bright spot' terms Standard & Poor's 26 February 2015

    Standard & Poor's termed India as the "bright spot" in Asia Pacific, sharply revised country's GDP forecast upwards to 7.9 per cent next fiscal and even higher at 8.2 per cent in the year after. "India should be the Asia-Pacific...

    Keywords: rating agency, rating agency, Standard & Poor, rating agency

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    Macro economy, Fiscal year, indian economy is vibrant and may overtake china, Indian economy

    Indian economy is vibrant and may overtake China 28 May 2015

    While celebrating his first year in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be proud enough in the success of transforming India into the fastest growing major economy. When India releases its data on Friday, it is expected to show that...

    Keywords: Fiscal year, Fiscal year, Macro economy, Indian economy

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    India FDI, Indian business visas, india eyes closer ties with china via easy visas, Indian economy

    India eyes closer ties with China via easy visas 16 October 2013

    Indian visas just got easier with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing his wish to tighten the nation's ties with China. In recent times, a prickly cross border relationship gave way to rational discussions over business ties. Singh is looking to...

    Keywords: Indian economy, Indian business visas, India China trade, China FDI in India

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    US International Trade Commission, Modi government, modi government had a good start, Indian economy

    Modi government had a good start 06 May 2015

    The first year of the new BJP government is one of the best years for India in terms of liberalisation and economic reforms, a top US expert has said. "While we cannot claim this has been a perfect year in...

    Keywords: US International Trade Commission, US International Trade Commission, Modi government, BJP

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    CPI, Repo Rate, rbi to keep rates unchanged, Indian economy

    RBI to keep rates unchanged 07 April 2015

    Reserve Bank of India kept interest rates on hold at 7.50%, choosing to wait longer to assess inflationary pressures before making its next move and to give banks more time to adjust lending rates to reflect previous rate cuts. The...

    Keywords: Indian economy, Repo Rate, RBI, Repo Rate

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    Narendra Modi updates, Indian economy, indian economy is on track says modi, Indian economy

    Indian Economy Is On Track Says Modi 05 October 2017

    Indian Economy Is On Track Says Modi:- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday night strongly defended his government saying that the Indian economy has been very much on track. He said that BJP Government has been completely successful in...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi new, Indian economy, Narendra Modi about economy, Indian economy

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