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  • AP updates, AP updates, hunger strike of ysrcp mps reach fourth day, Hunger strike

    Hunger Strike Of YSRCP MPs Reach Fourth Day 09 April 2018

    Hunger Strike Of YSRCP MPs Reach Fourth Day:- With BJP and the Centre rejecting the special status category for Andhra Pradesh, the state's opposition party YSRCP staged massive protests all over. As per the directions of YSRCP Chief YS Jagan...

    Keywords: YSRCP MPs next, YSRCP MPs, AP special status, YSRCP

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    eight day, health worsen, padmanabham hunger strike enters eight day, Hunger strike

    Padmanabham Hunger Strike Enters Eight Day 17 June 2016

    Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham indefinite fast has entered 8th day.  He was hospitalized in Rajamahendravaram Government Hospital few days back. His health condition has worsen on Thursday.Neither any Joint Action Committee leader nor government emissary had discussions with the fasting...

    Keywords: eight day, eight day, Mudragada Padmanabham, Hunger strike

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    TDP MPs news, TDP MPs, trending now tdp mps loose talk video shocks ap people, Hunger strike

    Trending Now: TDP MPs Loose Talk Video Shocks AP People 29 June 2018

    Trending Now: TDP MPs Loose Talk Video Shocks AP People:- With the leading TDP fighting against BJP and the Centre over several issues after it has been left betrayed in granting special status, a video is now going viral all...

    Keywords: TDP MPs, TDP MPs making fun, TDP MPs, TDP MPs viral video

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    JNU indefinite strike, JNU issue, jnu students begin hunger strike, Hunger strike

    JNU students begin hunger strike 28 April 2016

    On last night, during a mashal juloos on Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the students shouted loud slogans against the administration. The students were protesting against the punishments, the administration has given, in connection with February 9th event.On Monday, the administration...

    Keywords: JNU hunger strike, Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU issue, JNU indefinite strike

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    AP political news, Mudragada, mudragada postpones his scheduled fast, Hunger strike

    Mudragada postpones his scheduled fast 10 March 2016

    Kapu community chief, Mudragada Padmanabham, who announced earlier that,  he would sit on the indefinite fast from tomorrow, has taken back his word now. As the intermediate and several other exams are going on in the Telugu states, unwilling to...

    Keywords: Mudragada kapu hunger strike, Mudragada, Mudragada, Mudragada

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    rally, rally, padmanabham hunger strike enters fifth day, Hunger strike

    Padmanabham Hunger Strike Enters Fifth Day 14 June 2016

    Mudragada Padmanabham hunger strike has entered the fifth day at the Government Hospital on Monday. Apart from Kapu youth, many women in large numbers came out from their houses to voice their protest by beating empty steel plates with a...

    Keywords: hunger strike, East Godavari, rally, rally

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    hospital, Padmanabham, ap minister narayana talks on kapu issue, Hunger strike

    AP Minister Narayana talks on Kapu Issue 10 June 2016

    In a live press conference, Andhra Pradesh Minister Narayana talks on Mudragada Padmanabham. He said that “if a person has to do hunger strike then he should do it outside of his house not inside. He is not doing it...

    Keywords: Kapu agitation, Andhra Pradesh, Padmanabham, Kapu agitation

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    Centre talks for Farmers Protest, Farmers Protest new updates, farmers to observe relay hunger strike centre calls for talks, Hunger strike

    Farmers To Observe Relay Hunger Strike: Centre Calls For Talks 21 December 2020

    Farmers To Observe Relay Hunger Strike: Centre Calls For Talks:- The protests of the farmers from Punjab and Haryana reached 26th day and it is gaining strength every single day. The talks with the Centre turned unsuccessful and the farmers...

    Keywords: Indian new farm laws, Indian new farm laws, Farmers Protest updates, Centre on Farmers Protest

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    accused released, Mudragada Padmanabham, padmanabham fast enters eleventh day, Hunger strike

    Padmanabham Fast Enters Eleventh Day 20 June 2016

    Doctors of Rajahmahendravaram government hospital confirmed that Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham and his wife Padmavathi was stable. Mudragada Padmanabham has been on indefinite hunger strike for the last 11 days. A petition was filed for the bail of 13 accused...

    Keywords: Mudragada Padmanabham, Mudragada Padmanabham, Hunger strike, accused released

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    hoospital, hunger strike, mudragada padmanabham hospitalized condition said to be stable, Hunger strike

    Mudragada Padmanabham Hospitalized, Condition said to be Stable 10 June 2016

    Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham who started his indefinite hunger strike on Thursday refused to take treatment at the government hospital in Rajahmundry.Padmanabham refused to take any treatment, though he was admitted to the hospital in the evening. However, the doctors admitted...

    Keywords: hoospital, Kapu agitation, Padmanbham, Padmanbham

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    Uma Bharati, violence, uma bharti appeals for peace threatens to go on hunger strike, Hunger strike

    Uma Bharti Appeals for Peace, Threatens to go on Hunger Strike 30 September 2016

    Union minister Uma Bharti today appealed for peace between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on Cauvery water issue. She said, "I may go on hunger strike on the border of the two riparian states if there is any report of the...

    Keywords: Uma Bharati, Uma Bharati, Hunger strike, Hunger strike

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    Uddanam kidney victims, Pawan Kalyan for uddanam victims, pawan kalyan starts his hunger strike for uddanam kidney victims, Hunger strike

    Pawan Kalyan Starts His Hunger Strike For Uddanam Kidney Victims 25 May 2018

    Pawan Kalyan Starts His Hunger Strike For Uddanam Kidney Victims:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan warned AP Government that he would go on indefinite strike if the government fails to fulfill the demands of Uddanam kidney victims. He even asked the...

    Keywords: Janasena, Pawan Kalyan for uddanam victims, Pawan Kalyan for uddanam victims, Uddanam kidney victims

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    suicide, Dharna chowk, chandrababu naidu initiates deeksha at dharna chowk against sand scarcity in ap, Hunger strike

    Chandrababu Naidu Initiates Deeksha At Dharna Chowk Against Sand Scarcity In AP 14 November 2019

    The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president N Chandrababu Naidu started his 12 hours Deeksha at the Dharna Chowk to protest against lack of sand availability in Andhra Pradesh. The same is also in protest against the failure of the...

    Keywords: Telugu Desam Party, Deeksha, Telugu Desam Party, Telugu Desam Party

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    hospital, Rajamundry, congress leader hanumantha rao arrested, Hunger strike

    Congress Leader Hanumantha Rao Arrested 13 June 2016

    After Kapu leader, Mudragada Padmanabham got arrested for sitting on hunger strike and creating a ruckus, senior Congress leader Hanumantha Rao was arrested in Rajamandry on Sunday. The leader tried to meet Padmanabham after which police were forced to arrest him.Police searched...

    Keywords: hunger strike, arrest, hunger strike, hospital

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    Janasena, Pawan Kalyan political moves, no hunger strike pawan calls for a padayatra, Hunger strike

    No Hunger Strike, Pawan Calls For A Padayatra 05 April 2018

    No Hunger Strike, Pawan Calls For A Padayatra:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan announced that he would go on indefinite fast if the Centre fails to grant Special status for Andhra Pradesh. He has been holding meets with various leaders, officials,...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan latest news, Janasena, BJP, Pawan Kalyan updates

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    Chandrababu Naidu, TDP, ap chief minister appeals padmanabham to stop hunger strike, Hunger strike

    AP Chief Minister appeals Padmanabham to Stop Hunger Strike 09 June 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has urged Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham to withdraw his Deeksha and co-operate with the government keeping in view the interests of the state.  Mudragada Padmanabham launched an indefinite hunger strike on Thursday seeking reservations to Kapu...

    Keywords: Hunger Strike, Padmanabham, Kapu Agitation, Chandrababu Naidu

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    chronic kidney disease, Uddanam Kidney Patients, janasena chief pawan sits on one day fast for uddanam kidney patients, Hunger strike

    Janasena Chief Pawan Sits On One Day Fast For Uddanam Kidney Patients 26 May 2018

    Janasena Chief Pawan Sits On One Day Fast For Uddanam Kidney Patients:- Actor turned Politician and chief of Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan, who is currently touring in Srikakulam district has decided to sit on a one-day hunger strike demanding...

    Keywords: Uddanam Kidney Patients, chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, Uddanam Kidney Patients

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    Hunger strike, Hunger strike, padmanabham to call of hunger strike, Hunger strike

    Padmanabham to call of Hunger Strike 18 June 2016

    Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham is likely to call off his nine-day fast. After a petition was filed for the bail of 13 accused in Tuni violence, Additional District Judge Court did not oppose and 10 out of his 13 followers...

    Keywords: Hunger strike, call off, Mudragada Padmanabham, Hunger strike

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    Kapu agitation, Padmanbham, mudragada padmanabham announce indefinite hunger strike, Hunger strike

    Mudragada Padmanabham Announce Indefinite Hunger Strike 09 June 2016

    To get justice for Farmer’s reservation, BC leader Mudragada Padmanabham has announced an indefinite hunger strike on Thursday. He even added that even if he gets arrested and put in jail, he will continue to do hunger strike till the decision...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, hunger strike, Kapu agitation, announcement

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    hunger strike, hunger strike, padmanabham associates create ruckus outside ggh, Hunger strike

    Padmanabham Associates Create Ruckus outside GGH 22 June 2016

    High drama prevailed at Government General Hospital (GGH) in Rajamahendravaram on Tuesday evening as police obstructed three key associates who were releases on bail. Nalla Vishnu Murthy, Akula Ramakrishna and Vesireddi Yesu Das wanted to meet Mudragada Padmanabham.Police have transformed...

    Keywords: hospital, curfew, curfew, curfew

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