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  • how to find love, how to find love, from being alone to finding the wrong partner, Finding love

    From being alone to finding the wrong partner 17 October 2013

    When you were single, you wanted to be committed. And when you thought you found the person, you realize she/he is completely wrong for you. The thought would surely have crossed the mind of almost everyone out there. So, what...

    Keywords: wrong partner, being single, Finding love, marrying the wrong person

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    how to find love, open minded, open attitude helps find love, Finding love

    Open attitude helps find love 26 July 2013

    Love is something that finds you and not the other way round. So, what is all the stress about finding love? It simply means that, when love does find you, the mind should be open enough to accept it. A...

    Keywords: commitment, confidence in love, love relationship, dating and relationships

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