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  • promote ‘Cinema of India’, Filming Destination, chiranjeevi leads indian delegation at cannes, Film tourism

    Chiranjeevi leads Indian delegation at Cannes 16 May 2013

    Union Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi led the Indian delegation consisting of two ministries- Information and Broadcasting and Tourism at the 66th Cannes Film Festival started yesterday.  The purpose of the delegation from a guest Country is to show case Indian Movies...

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    union tourism minister, budget 2013, chiru links indian tourism and film industry, Film tourism

    Chiru links Indian tourism and film industry 02 March 2013

    K Chiranjeevi, the Union Tourism Minister has been rewarded a fair share of the budget in the recent allocation of Union Budget 2013 announced by P Chidambaram allowing himself ample scope for the development of tourism in India. His next...

    Keywords: chidambaram, film industry, film industry, film tourism

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