• giant eyeball, Swordfish, the giant eyeball belonged to a swordfish, Eyeball

    The giant eyeball belonged to a swordfish 16 October 2012

    Only a couple of days ago a walker on a beach found a fresh detached eyeball or enormous size, so big that it had to be held in both the hands but the identity of the creature was a mystery....

    Keywords: Florida beach, Swordfish, Swordfish, giant eyeball

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    Comscore, Survey on YouTube., eyeballs on youtube now stay longer, Eyeball

    Eyeballs on YouTube now stay longer 21 March 2012

    Remember the Fukushima disaster, it was worldwide watched by the youtube users in millions, as the service provider updated regularly. A technology survey revealed that YouTube users stayed more on the site fascinated by the video content available on the...

    Keywords: More time on YouTube, Comscore, Survey on YouTube., Google

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    eyeball, eyeball, secret of eyelash, Eyeball

    Secret of eyelash 26 February 2015

    Some believed Eyelashes are dust catchers, snaring things that would otherwise drift into the eye. Some others believed, they are sensors, acting like a cat's whiskers, to warn the eye of wind-borne grit or other dangers, according to another hypothesis....

    Keywords: Eyelash, David Hu, David Hu, Eyelash

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    health, eyeball, contact lens can now test your glucose levels, Eyeball

    Contact Lens Can Now Test Your Glucose Levels 08 October 2016

    Scientists have come up with new technology that allows you test your glucose levels via contact lens that samples tears.  Yes you read it right! Blood testing is the most common and standard way of checking glucose level. "There's no...

    Keywords: glucose levels, eyeball, Contact lense, Contact lense

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