• arvind kejriwal, trivedi fasting, aseem trivedi realizes fasting was a waste, E waste

    Aseem Trivedi realizes fasting was a waste 15 December 2012

    Aseem Trivedi who was earlier arrested under the charges of sedition for the controversial cartoons had been protesting for the past 8 days at Jantar Mantar had ended his fast courtesy of Arvind Kejriwal, the president of the Aam Aadmi...

    Keywords: trivedi fasting, aam aadmi party, cartoons case, aam aadmi party

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    pranab mukherjee, finane marketing, will pranab give midas touch to ailing economy, E waste

    Will Pranab give 'Midas touch' to ailing economy 25 June 2012

    As today's Finance Minister (FM) Pranab Mukherjee will be signing the register for the last time, as he resigns. After his formal resignation, he shall be contesting the polls for the highest post in Republic India. Will the FM give...

    Keywords: last day as fm, bonds., midas touch, pranab mukherjee

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    sleep reduces inflammation, sleep need for health, proper sleep is nothing but a waste of time, E waste

    Proper sleep is nothing but a waste of time? 20 April 2012

    Are you from this lot who thinks work is worship, wants to take n number of steps at a time in order to grow in the career, and not want to waste even a single minute on spending time for...

    Keywords: Sleep alone, measures of relaxing, measures of relaxing, lose weight

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    Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy, Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy, cm misses pc wastes time in delhi, E waste

    CM misses PC, wastes time in Delhi 24 March 2011

    CM Kirankumar Reddy today missed the appointment of Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram in Delhi and had to waste his valuable time trying to meet other leaders. The time-sticking and busy Home Minister waited for Kirankumar reddy in his chambers...

    Keywords: missing of appointment, , Chidambaram, missing of appointment

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    House adjourned, TDP No confidence, two of five day assembly without business day 2 adjourned, E waste

    Two of five day assembly without business, day 2 adjourned 02 December 2011

    There seems to be melodrama unfurled in the Andhra Pradesh assembly than anywhere else. The day two of the winter assembly session had to be adjourned too, owing to chaotic situation created by the oppositions. The second day today also...

    Keywords: no transactions, Chaotic scenes, TRS No confidence, TRS No confidence

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    Krishna Pushkaralu updates, Krishna Pushkaralu latest, krishna pushkaralu pilgrims waste huge food, E waste

    Krishna Pushkaralu: Pilgrims waste huge food 17 August 2016

    The prestigious Krishna Pushkaralu started on August 12th in Andhra Pradesh and Vijayawada witnessed massive crowds right from the first day. The government has taken enough steps to provide minimum facilities for the pilgrims that came from all round the...

    Keywords: Krishna Pushkaralu news, Krishna Pushkaralu latest, Krishna Pushkaralu updates, Krishna Pushkaralu count

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    AP CM spent Rs. 100 crores for himself, AP CM spent Rs. 100 crores for himself, proof naidu spent rs 100 crores on himself, E waste

    Proof: Naidu spent Rs.100 crores on himself 13 July 2015

    “Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu spent Rs. 100 crores of public money for himself,” the reports said. It is known that, in almost all the public meetings held after 2014 elections, Naidu said that, Andhra Pradesh is in deep...

    Keywords: Chandrababu Naidu wastes public money, Chandrababu Naidu wastes public money, Chandrababu Naidu wastes public money, Naidu wastes public money

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    antioxidants in coffee, recycled use of coffee grounds, nutritional benefits of coffee grounds, E waste

    Nutritional benefits of coffee grounds 09 May 2015

    Many of us are coffee lovers and it also has many health benefits. Along with that, the coffee grounds and coffee skin (the epidermis of coffee bean) which are usually removed during processing are also found to be beneficial as...

    Keywords: antioxidants in coffee, coffee grounds effect on health, coffee health benefits, coffee health benefits

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    Hyderabad, waste management system, hyderabad has the country s most advanced waste management system, E waste

    Hyderabad has the Country's Most Advanced Waste Management System 12 November 2020

    Hyderabad has the Country's Most Advanced Waste Management System:- Telangana's Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao today told that the state's capital now has the country's most advanced municipal solid waste collection and transport, treatment system. KTR...

    Keywords: Hyderabad waste management system news, Hyderabad waste management system budget, Hyderabad, Hyderabad waste management system KTR

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    Top political news., Saksi News Headlines, uk car on coffee beans speeds into guinness records, E waste

    UK – Car on Coffee beans speeds into Guinness Records 27 September 2011

    The team spear headed by engineer Martin Bacon has modified a Rover, which hit over 65mph, breaking the world record for a car run on waste material. The team a part of Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham stripped out the...

    Keywords: Metro wishesh, Andhra, The Coffee Car, Daily news in telugu

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    AP news, AP news, tirupathi laddu prepared with animal wastes, E waste

    Tirupathi Laddu prepared with animal wastes! 02 December 2015

    Reportedly, Tirupathi Laddu is being prepared with the adulterated ghee, that has dalda, made with animal wastes.  Lord Venkateshwara’s ‘Tirupathi’ is one of the world’s popular sacred place. Even the foreigners, visit the temple, for worshipping the lord. Almost every day,...

    Keywords: animal wastes in tirupathi laddu, adulterated ghee used in tirupathi laddu, AP news, animal wastes in tirupathi laddu

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    electronic waste, electronic trash overtaking West, emerging nations electronic trash overtaking west, E waste

    Emerging nations' electronic trash overtaking West 16 December 2013

    Electronic trash from emerging economies like China has overtaken the dumping by the Western countries. According to reports, a UN-backed alliance stated that between 2012 to 2017 the emerging nations will lead in the amount of waste produced. The report...

    Keywords: Cellphones, old electronic goods, developing nations, electronic waste

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    Kerala rains latest, Kerala, how kerala is planning to dispose tonnes of e waste, E waste

    How Kerala Is Planning To Dispose Tonnes Of E-Waste 29 August 2018

    How Kerala Is Planning To Dispose Tonnes Of E-Waste:- Kerala has been shattered with floods completely and the left the state in deep pain. Lakhs of people turned homeless and several villages have been washed out. Days after being badly...

    Keywords: Kerala, Kerala, Kerala rains, Kerala rains updates

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    Success tips for Students, Success tips for Students, success tips, E waste

    Success Tips 06 June 2011

    The industrialist recounted how he started out to explain the importance of learning from all possible sources.“I started by reading and trying to understand everything about construction. The first person who taught me was a contractor whom we had employed....

    Keywords: hard work can never goes waste., Success tips for Students, Success tips for Students, hard work can never goes waste.

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    hard, hard, telangana stir hits farmers hard 35 40 produce lying waste, E waste

    Telangana stir hits Farmers hard - 35-40% produce lying waste 07 October 2011

    Secretary general of Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations Chengal Reddy,told The Pioneer that roughly 30-45 per cent of fruit and vegetable crop in Andhra is lying waste due to lack of transportation. Transportation problem is hitting the farmers in a twin...

    Keywords: 35-40%, Telangana, , hits

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    Rs. 440 billion fruits and vegetables, Rs. 440 billion fruits and vegetables, rs44 000 crore prodcution worth of vegetables fruits goes wasted in india, E waste

    Rs44,000 Crore prodcution worth of vegetables & fruits goes wasted in India 08 May 2012

    While a large number of people in India continue to starve due to poverty and unavailability of food, the statistics of food being wasted in the country will undoubtedly raise the eyebrows of everyone. Do you know as to how...

    Keywords: 000 crore, Rs. 440 billion fruits and vegetables, 000 crore, Rs. 440 billion fruits and vegetables

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    no transactions, TRS No confidence, assembly reeling under opposition chaos 30mts postponed, E waste

    Assembly reeling under opposition chaos, 30mts postponed 03 December 2011

    The third day at the Andhra Pradesh assembly started with the oppositions Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) shouting slogans over the No-confidence and the Telangana bill. The proceedings were stalled for half an hour by the...

    Keywords: House adjourned, Chaotic scenes, TDP No confidence, wasted sessions

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    Bangalore, TerraCura Solutions, bangalore guy uses desi techniques to purify wastewater, E waste

    Bangalore guy uses Desi Techniques to purify wastewater 29 June 2015

    “Don’t expect a right person to come to your rescue. There is no right moment. The right person is you and the right moment is now.” Unlike many activists, who blame government for all the initiatives to take, he has...

    Keywords: TerraCura Solutions, TerraCura Solutions, Srinivasan Sekar, TerraCura Solutions

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    Aamir Khan PK, Shantanu Moitra, aamir anushka say love is waste, E waste

    Aamir, Anushka say 'Love is Waste'! 14 November 2014

    The second song from Aamir Khan's 'PK' film has been released and both Aamir, Anushka sing 'Love is a Waste of Time.' Sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, Shantanu Moitra composed music and  lyrics by Amitabh Varma. {youtube}KNZ4oPIlZ9M|620|400|1{/youtube} In...

    Keywords: Shantanu Moitra, PK, Shreya Ghoshal, Love is a Waste of Time

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