• Speedmaster, Omega watches, abhishek wants to do a tamil flick, Dark

    Abhishek wants to do a Tamil flick 11 September 2014

    Junior Bachchan Abhishek expressed his eagerness to work for a Tamil film. Abhishek was in Chennai for the launch of Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon watch and had a good interaction session with the media. “I would love...

    Keywords: Tamil film, Omega Speedmaster, Dark side of the moon, Indian Super League

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    Arun Gaali gang, Arun Gaali gang, mumbai model convicted for plot to kill filmmaker gets bail, Dark

    Mumbai Model Convicted For Plot To Kill Filmmaker, Gets Bail 28 April 2017

    Mumbai-based model Preeti Jain who was sentenced to three years in jail, yesterday, after being found guilty of plotting to kill filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, gets bail. The city civil and sessions court also imposed a fine of Rs. 10,000. Preeti...

    Keywords: Arun Gaali gang, Arun Gaali gang, Preeti Jain, Preeti Jain

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    NTR, Chandrababu Naidu, he was in dark for giving us light, Dark

    He was in dark for giving us light 20 April 2015

    On Monday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is celebrating his 65th birthday, especially in the position of Chief Minister after a long time. There are many hurdles he faced, to occupy this prestigious position and celebrating this occasion, lets...

    Keywords: Chandrababu Naidu, Chandrababu Naidu, TDP, Congress

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    reasons to apply coconut oil, coconut oil as Natural sunscreen, coconut oil benefits for skin, Dark

    Coconut oil benefits for skin 04 May 2015

    Coconut oil is one of the best oil that benefits skin and health apart from cooking. Coconut oil is great skin softener and it will replace lotions and creams use. The oil is rich in saturated fats and when applied...

    Keywords: coconut oil as smoothening agent, benefits to apply coconut oil, how to apply coconut oil, coconut oils reduces dark circles

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    Calendar Girls Movie Review, Calendar Girls Movie Review, calendar girls movie review and ratings, Dark

    Calendar Girls Movie Review and Ratings 24 September 2015

    Five girls, who come from the different parts of the country to turn as the celebrities, meet at a place. One fine day, they get the opportunity of giving a photoshoot as Calendar girls. Since then, they get to the...

    Keywords: Calendar Girls cast and crew, movie releases date, Entertainment news, movie releases date

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    Conceal dark circles, Large eyes, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Dark

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: Curly lashes, Curly lashes, Thick eyelashes, Large eyes

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    Sex Scenes, Sex Scenes, mindy kaling reveals the dark secrets about sex scenes in hollywood, Dark

    Mindy Kaling reveals the dark secrets about sex scenes in Hollywood 20 June 2015

    Mindy Kaling dares to reveal a so-called secret of Hollywood. In her new book, “Why Not Me?” which is yet to be released in September this year, “Vera Mindy Chokalingam” aka Mindy Kaling, clears the air about the filming of...

    Keywords: Sex Scenes, Hollywood, Hollywood, Mindy Kaling

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    Avani Modi PM Modi, Avani Modi PM Modi, i am narendra modi s daughter avani modi, Dark

    I am Narendra Modi's daughter - Avani Modi 16 September 2015

    Answering to a question asked by the media, Avani Modi said that, he is a daughter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  After a couple of movies in Telugu and Tamil film industries, Avani Modi finally entered Bollywood and is all...

    Keywords: Avani Modi PM Modi, Avani Modi says that she is Narendra Modi daughter, Avani Modi PM Modi, Calendar girls movie

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    best fruits for natural face masks, best fruits for natural face masks, go bananas with homemade face masks, Dark

    Go bananas with homemade face masks 12 September 2013

    Fruits are the kings as far as health and beauty are concerned. They contribute rich nutrients when eaten or even applied. Applying fruit masks for a beautiful, instant glow is fool proof and health friendly. To make the most out...

    Keywords: Household face packs, Household face packs, benefits of lemon on skin., benefits of lemon on skin.

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    best natural astringent, best natural astringent, beauty secrets of lemon, Dark

    Beauty secrets of Lemon 07 May 2015

    Lemon has many health and beauty benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and carbohydrates. Lemon juice is naturally rich with fruity acids and natural sugars. It contains number of beneficial nutrients, which helps to improve the...

    Keywords: how to reduce black heads, how to get rid of dark spot, lemon benefits for skin, how to apply lemon juice

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    Mithali Raj updates, Mithali Raj new, darkest day of my life says mithali raj, Dark

    Darkest Day Of My Life Says Mithali Raj 29 November 2018

    Darkest Day Of My Life Says Mithali Raj:- Indian women cricketer and ex-captain Mithali Raj is a sensation in international cricket and she holds a special place in the hearts of the audience. Coach Ramesh Powar alleged that she threatened...

    Keywords: Mithali Raj twitter, Mithali Raj twitter, Mithali Raj updates, Mithali Raj with Ramesh Powar

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    Flaunt luscious red lips, candy-apple red, flaunt luscious red lips, Dark

    Flaunt luscious red lips 08 January 2014

    What do Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift have in common? Their signature red pout. Gloss, colored chapsticks and nude lipsticks are so passe! It's seriously the time to go foxy with full-strength red on your mouth. Daring, luscious...

    Keywords: lips, beauty, lips, glossy lipstick

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    best natural remedies for eyes, dark circles remedies, how to get rid of dark circles under eyes, Dark

    How to get rid of dark circles under eyes 06 April 2015

    Dark colored semicircles circles under the eyes can be big problem for all the women as it affects their beauty. Heredity, allergies, sleep deprivation, oversleeping, age, eczema, stress, anemia could be the reasons for it. As it takes away the...

    Keywords: natural tips to reduce dark circles, healthy diet to reduce dark circles, natural tips to reduce dark circles, natural tips to reduce dark circles

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    Tips to lighten dark underarms, underarm darkening, treat your underarm darkening with simple tips, Dark

    Treat your underarm darkening with simple tips 13 April 2015

    Underarm darkening is one of the most common problems faced by many women. It may be caused by the use of razors and deodorants. To eliminate them here are the simple tricks for whitening of under arms. Tips to whiten...

    Keywords: underarm darkening, effective ways to lighten underarm darkening, underarm darkening, underarm darkening

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    Eyes, dark circle remedies, make your dark circles disappear in 7 days, Dark

    Make your dark circles disappear in 7 days 02 January 2014

    If you've been up after hours tuning in to the latest episode of your favorite TV show or staying up until dawn texting your special friend, your dark circles are probably laying testament to it. Lucky for you, there are...

    Keywords: frozen tea bags, Beauty Tips, cucumber juice, tips for dark circles cure

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    dark circles, remedies, how to reduce dark circles naturally, Dark

    How to reduce Dark Circles Naturally 08 August 2016

    Everyone worries about dark circle under eye. Some of the main causes of dark circles are heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying, working for long hours in front of a computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy...

    Keywords: Lifestyle, remedies, Lifestyle, dark circles

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    Demands, TSRTC Strike, darker diwali prevails for 48 000 tsrtc employees on strike, Dark

    Darker Diwali Prevails For 48,000 TSRTC Employees On Strike 28 October 2019

    Darker Diwali Prevails For 48,000 TSRTC Employees On Strike:- While the entire nation celebrated the festival of lights, 48,000 TSRTC employees celebrated a dark Diwali still being on their persistent strike to get their demands fulfilled by the government. The...

    Keywords: TSRTC Strike, Telangana Government, Demands, TSRTC

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    beauty tips, Under arms tips, potato to get rid of dark underarms, Dark

    Potato to get rid of dark underarms 15 September 2015

    Dark underarms are that embarrassing that you immediately want to get rid of it, but could not afford to spend on it.Never mind, here is one natural solution to clear the underarms. All you need to have for this is...

    Keywords: beauty tips latest, Under arms tips, beauty tips latest, beauty tips

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    husband, Weird facts, wife killed a husband because he is dark in colour, Dark

    Wife killed a husband because he is dark in colour 24 April 2015

    Generally why does a wife and husband fight with each other ?. Might be the matters relating to finance, children, relatives or some other. But can you imagine that the wife and husband quarrel even for the skin colour and...

    Keywords: Unbelievable facts, Unbelievable facts, husband, husband

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    WhatsApp news, WhatsApp updates, whatsapp to introduce dark mode and swipe to reply, Dark

    WhatsApp To Introduce Dark Mode And Swipe To Reply 17 September 2018

    WhatsApp To Introduce Dark Mode And Swipe To Reply:- WhatsApp is the most used messaging app across the globe. The makers have been updating it with new features frequently. Now the app will soon get the options Dark Mode and...

    Keywords: Dark Mode, Swipe to Reply, WhatsApp new features, WhatsApp new updates

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