Cumin seeds

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  • tips for face, beauty tips, for a spot free face, Cumin seeds

    For a 'spot' free face! 26 November 2012

    There іs nо doubt that acne іѕ one оf thе moѕt common аnd irritating skin conditions. If you've hаddarkspots, уou knоw hоw uncomfortable and unattractive іt саn be It doesn't matter how young or оld yоu are. Acne саn affect...

    Keywords: skin care, washing face, lemon juice, face cleaning

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    Cumin seeds, Health benefits of cumin, health benefits of cumin, Cumin seeds

    Health benefits of cumin... 03 August 2012

    Cumin or jeera is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Apart from adding flavor to a dish, it has got health benefits too. Cumin (also known as Jeera) has a richness of history to give it a special place in...

    Keywords: Cumin seeds, Cumin seeds, Cumin seeds, Common cold

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    Carom seeds, Crispy golden aloo pakora, recipe crispy golden aloo pakora, Cumin seeds

    Recipe: Crispy golden aloo pakora 03 September 2012

    Thin and round slices of potatoes dipped in a thin layer of besan and deep fried are a delight to relish Crispy golden yellow aloo pakora teamed with hot masala chai is a stealer. You can relish the mouthwatering aloo...

    Keywords: Water, Aalu, Cumin seeds, Carom seeds

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    grandmother kitchen, grandmother kitchen, health benefits right in your kitchen, Cumin seeds

    Health benefits right in your kitchen! 01 December 2012

    Now, this makes me remember of the days my grandmother and mother used to treat any injury or cut, with turmeric… in the process of growing up and learning new things, we must have forgot the health benefits our own...

    Keywords: kitchen cleaning, pain killer, health benefits in kichen, stomach pain

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