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  • healthy drinks, best cool drinks, preparation of pistachio shake recipe, Cool drinks

    Preparation of Pistachio Shake Recipe 06 April 2015

    Pistachio Shake Recipe is a healthy drink that has more nutritious value. Many researchers suggest pistachio as it is good in protein content, beneficial fats, fiber and many other nutrients that your body needs everyday. It is also proved that,...

    Keywords: pistachio recipes, healthy drinks, best cool drinks, cashew drinks

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    milk shake preparation method, method of preparation of chocolate malt milk shake, preparation of chocolate malt milkshake, Cool drinks

    Preparation of Chocolate Malt Milkshake 24 August 2015

    Most of us love chocolate flavour. Chocolate malt milk shake is one of the delicious drinks prepared by using simple and easily available ingredients like milk, chocolate ice cream and cookies. Prepare this drink at your home and enjoy its...

    Keywords: milk shake preparation method, milk shake preparation method, simple chocolate drink preparation, easy chocolate drinks

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    AP under heat waves, AP under heat waves, ap under heat waves toll 20, Cool drinks

    AP under heat waves toll 20 24 May 2013

    The State boiling with unbearable heat for the last three days touched 47.50 Celsius yesterday.  20 deaths due to sunstroke were reported yesterday mostly from Telangana and Coastal areas.  Children and old became prey for the heat waves.  The temperature...

    Keywords: last three days touched 47.50 Celsius, proper care and safety measures, 20 deaths due to sunstroke, State boiling with unbearable heat

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    juices, avoid the harsh sunlight, summer on the way, Cool drinks

    Summer on the way... 15 February 2013

    Winter is on of course, but coming up is more dangerous... it is summer boss. Not many days left... while taking care of your health in winter, prepare for summer health care as well; It is better to stay indoors...

    Keywords: cool drinks, apply sun screen, health care in summer, avoid the harsh sunlight

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    crowns of the bottles, diet coke, coke problems, Cool drinks

    Coke problems 01 March 2013

    Soft drinks are a way to kill the time, an ice breaker in a conversation and much more.. sure! But until and unless you are at an expensive restaurant what you drink from the bottle or tin might not be...

    Keywords: soft drinks, cool drinks, cool drinks, reccle the bottles

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    home made cool drinks, home made cool drinks, diy wishesh home made cool drinks, Cool drinks

    DIY Wishesh: Home made cool drinks 16 April 2013

    Summer is already here and draining the water out of us. It is hard to stand the overwhelming heat without proper measures but you need to go out to buy every remedy for heat and by the time you come...

    Keywords: cool drinks for hot summer, cool drinks for hot summer, cool drinks at home, home made cool drinks

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