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    Special contact lenses improve eye-sight! 30 November 2015

    The recently conducted studies proved that, the special contact lenses, that are designed to reshape the eye's curvature could be used like 'braces', to reduce the short sightedness in children.As per the information specified in Advances in Ophthalmology And Visual...

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    Goddess Mahalaxmi, Diamond contact lenses, diamond contact lenses for goddess mahalaxmi, Contact lense

    Diamond contact lenses for Goddess Mahalaxmi! 24 February 2012

    As thousands of devotees who had a regular darshan of Goddess Mahalaxmi in the beginning of this week, So at the time of darshan the devotees had noticed an astonishing shine in the eyes of Goddess Mahalaxmi infact theres a difference...

    Keywords: Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur., Diamond contact lenses

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    contact lens, blurry vision, care with contact lenses, Contact lense

    Care with contact lenses 28 March 2013

    One teenager from Pembroke, Florida had met with a threatening condition after she refused t take care of her contact lenses properly. The resulting infection progressed so far as to deprive her of her eye sight. A parasite grew on...

    Keywords: blurry vision, blurry vision, acanthamoeba, left eye signt

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    Contact lenses news, Contact lenses, 27 contact lenses removed from a woman s eye, Contact lense

    27 Contact Lenses Removed From A Woman's Eye 17 July 2017

    27 Contact Lenses Removed From A Woman's Eye:- Here comes a surprising incident in which the doctors removed 27 contact lenses from a woman's eye which have been stuck in her eye. The 67-year old woman was being operated for...

    Keywords: Contact lenses latest, Contact lenses news, Contact lenses news, UK woman Contact lenses

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    glucose levels, Contact lense, contact lens can now test your glucose levels, Contact lense

    Contact Lens Can Now Test Your Glucose Levels 08 October 2016

    Scientists have come up with new technology that allows you test your glucose levels via contact lens that samples tears.  Yes you read it right! Blood testing is the most common and standard way of checking glucose level. "There's no...

    Keywords: eyeball, eyeball, eyeball, glucose levels

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