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  • beauty pageant, tollywood, memories refresh for trishna krishnan, Beauty pageant

    Memories Refresh for Trishna Krishnan 01 October 2016

    Trisha Krishnan is one of the very few actresses to rule the southern film industry for over a decade. Just a while ago, she posted a picture of hers to reveal the very beginning of her starry journey.Trisha shared a...

    Keywords: old pic, career, beauty pageant, career

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    Jackie from Leeds, Jackie from Leeds, first transsexual enters miss england pageant, Beauty pageant

    First transsexual enters Miss England pageant 20 January 2012

    Remarkable in the history that a boy by birth always felt that he was a she and wanted to make the change over as early as five, but swapped roles in 16. Now enters the beauty contest with special distinction....

    Keywords: transsexual, Britain’s youngest transsexual, Jackie from Leeds, transsexual

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