• Battery life., Google maps, google maps updates better battery tough for foursquare, Battery

    Google maps updates, better battery, tough for Foursquare 20 February 2012

    Though the new application introduced by Google on its leaderboard, is not an amused innovation, but its sports longer battery life will enhance its utility. Whether the users will familiarize with the new updates of Google maps or not, they...

    Keywords: latitude, Google maps, latitude, Battery life.

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    China, China, vivo x7 and x7 plus launched with 4000 mah battery, Battery

    Vivo X7 and X7 Plus launched with 4000 mAH battery 02 July 2016

    Chinese manufacturer Vivo has launched its X7 and X7 Plus smartphones in its home country. The company will be announcing the pricing for the X7 Plus at the time of local release. Both the smartphones will be available in Gold and Rose...

    Keywords: Vivo X7 and X7 Plus, China, launch, Vivo X7 and X7 Plus

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    Automobiles, India Cars, over 7600 units of eon to be recalled in india by hyundai to fix clutch and battery cables, Battery

    Over 7600 units of Eon to be recalled in India by Hyundai to fix Clutch and Battery Cables 06 October 2016

    After Hyundai's Eon was launched, many faulty clutches and battery cable had been detected. Owing to this defect, Hyundai has made an important announcement to recall almost 7600 units of the model to get those defects rectified. The cars in question...

    Keywords: Hyundai Eon, India Cars, India Cars, Hyundai Eon

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    Solar panel, Solar battery, micromax to launch phone with solar panel, Battery

    Micromax to launch phone with solar panel 04 April 2012

    Globally, Micromax may not be a frequently heard of brand. However, in India, the brand has a wide audience and the brand is very popular for their handsets, mainly because they cater to a very wide consumer base. With their...

    Keywords: Micromax mobiles, Solar battery, Solar panel, Micromax mobiles

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    Stanford University, bendable battery, charge your smartphone in 60 seconds, Battery

    Charge your smartphone in 60 seconds 07 April 2015

    New technology aim at saving time and a bendable battery that could charge a smartphone in 60 seconds perfectly fits in that category. Scientists of Stanford University have invented a flexible, high-performance aluminium battery that charges in about 1 minute...

    Keywords: smartphone, lithium-ion battery, aluminium battery, Stanford University

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    Redmi Note 6 Pro battery, Redmi Note 6 Pro rate, xiaomi redmi note 6 pro launched in india, Battery

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Launched In India 22 November 2018

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Launched In India:- Xiaomi is turing out to be producing the top selling smartphones in the country and they have seen a huge rise in the percentage hold in Indian market. After Redmi Note 5...

    Keywords: Redmi Note 6 Pro features, Redmi Note 6 Pro specifications, Redmi Note 6 Pro rate, Redmi Note 6 Pro battery

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    passengers, battery, samsung galaxy note 7 phones banned in us flights, Battery

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones banned in US flights 15 October 2016

    After many news about the explosion and damage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices have been  reported, people are now scared to even ue the device. In the latest updtae, the United States has announced a ban on the...

    Keywords: Samsung Galaxy Note 7, overheating, US department, flights

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    battery, Panasonic P75, panasonic launch p75 with 5000mah battery, Battery

    Panasonic Launch P75 with 5000mAH Battery 17 June 2016

    Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, a leader in innovation and technology, unveiled its new high battery and light-weight smartphone - P75. Features - 5000mAH battery - 5-inch HD IPS display- 1.3GHz quad-core - 1GB of RAM- 8MP rear camera- 5MP front...

    Keywords: price, Panasonic P75, launch, battery

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    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, ban, airlines ban use of samsung s galaxy note 7, Battery

    Airlines Ban Use of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 09 September 2016

    In response to reports of explosive battery malfunctions in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a statement advising airplane passengers not to use, or even pack the smartphones during air travel. "In light of recent incidents...

    Keywords: ban, battery explode, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, ban

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    MOBILE TIPS, ATM, good to know information would be handy, Battery

    Good to Know - Information would be Handy 30 July 2010

    MOBILE TIPS : On this page we provide an archive of our mobile tips. Tips are short & simple pieces of advice designed to help you improve your development effectiveness.FOUR THINGS YOU PROBABLY NEVER KNEW YOUR MOBILE PHONE COULD DOThere...

    Keywords: Emergency, Battery, Battery, MOBILE TIPS

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    3d pen, google glass, video wishesh top 6 this week, Battery

    Video Wishesh: Top 6 this week 23 February 2013

    Hey folks, how's the weekend coming through? Pretty good I hope. Well, today, we decided to take a few minutes from your day, multiply the fun you have by 100 times and give the time back to you in our...

    Keywords: table tennis trick shot, super super conductor, 3d pen, table tennis trick shot

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