• NIB, BMW, 8 month pregnant dies in car crash, Banker

    8-month pregnant dies in car crash 30 July 2012

    Not long after the recent accident of an expecting mother in a BMW crash, another 8 month pregnant banker was killed in an accident after a speeding Mahindra Marshal crashed into them near NIB, sector 62 Noida on Sunday morning....

    Keywords: Mahindra Marshal, , pregnant, banker

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    IBA, bank employees, ten lakh bank employees to go on strike from today, Banker

    Ten Lakh Bank Employees To Go On Strike From Today 30 May 2018

    Ten Lakh Bank Employees To Go On Strike From Today:- Over ten lakh bank employees from the government and the private sector banks will be on two-day strike starting on May 30th. This is after the Indian Bank Association (IBA)...

    Keywords: Indian bankers, bank strike news, United Forum of Bank Unions, United Forum of Bank Unions

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    Bangalore ATM Incident, City Police Meet Bankers on Security Issues at ATMs, city police meet bankers on security issues at atms, Banker

    City Police Meet Bankers on Security Issues at ATMs 27 November 2013

    After the horrified incident at Bangalore ATM in which a woman was brutally attacked the city police is alarmed and wanted to beef up the security measures at the ATMs. Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma had a meeting with...

    Keywords: Security Issues at ATMs, Security at ATMs, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma

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    Thailand, Bangkok South Criminal Court, indian born ex banker imprisoned for 10 yrs in thailand, Banker

    Indian born ex-banker imprisoned for 10 yrs in Thailand 09 June 2012

    An India born banker in Thailand was found guilty of fraud of $80 million. The court has given him 10 years of imprisonment. He was booked under corruption charges after he advised Bangkok Bank of Commerce until 1996 where he...

    Keywords: Bangkok South Criminal Court, Thailand, Bangkok Bank of Commerce, Bangkok Bank of Commerce

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    , Kiran kumar reddym, step up loans kiran tells banks, Banker

    Step up loans, Kiran tells banks 13 December 2011

    The Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, on Monday asked bankers to increase loans to farmers during the rabi season as the state was reeling under a severe drought. Speaking at the 176th meeting of the State Level Bankers...

    Keywords: , Kiran kumar reddym, State level Bankers Committee, State level Bankers Committee

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    performance record of the IPOs, investment decisions, merchant bankers to provide their ipo track record sebi, Banker

    Merchant bankers to provide their IPO track record: Sebi 22 February 2012

    Besides being the first IPO to provide such disclosures, MCX’s public offer would also make it the first exchange in the country to get listed and probably the first IPO of 2012 in the Indian capital market. MCX IPO hits...

    Keywords: Morgan Stanley, performance record of the IPOs, Merchant bankers, performance record of the IPOs

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    Self Help Groups, State Level Bankers Committee, telangana district collector anita asks bankers to speed up disbursal of crop loans, Banker

    Telangana District Collector Anita Asks Bankers To Speed Up Disbursal Of Crop Loans 18 July 2017

    Telangana District Collector Anita Asks Bankers To Speed Up Disbursal Of Crop Loans:- Telangana District Collector Anita Ramachandran on Tuesday asked bankers to disburse crop loans to farmers as a credit target was set for them. Speaking at the review...

    Keywords: State Level Bankers Committee, Crop Loans Disbursal, Telangana District Collector, Anita Ramachandran

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    overwork, overwork, long hours kill bank of america employee, Banker

    Long hours kill Bank of America employee 21 August 2013

    Anyone who said that the perils of "overwork are slight compared with the dangers of inactivity" surely didn't know that  slogging too hard can be catastrophic. Serious concerns on the hazards of overworking flared up after Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old...

    Keywords: overwork, investment banker, overwork, Overwork kills 21-year-old bank intern

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