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  • pimple marks, Supple sandalwood, how to get rid of pimple marks, Baking soda

    How to get rid of pimple marks 12 October 2012

    Skin has a good retaining power as whatever we eat in past, or wherever skin gets exposed to, the aftereffects are long termed. Be it tension, bad lifestyle and eating habits, acne once come leave marks on skin. Everyone wants...

    Keywords: Egg White, good retaining power, Oatmeal mask, pimple marks

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    color of teeth, teeth care tips, for a hassle free smile naturally, Baking soda

    For a Hassle free smile... naturally! 23 November 2012

    No more worrying about the color of your teeth... apart from taking all that extra care for white teeth, here are 5 more tips that could help you polish your teeth to white; 1. Eat Crunchy Foods. Many fruits and...

    Keywords: good smile teeth, mouth wash, color of teeth, polish of teeth

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