• James E Holmes, Dark Knight Rises, the joker turns the dark kight rises into a real life horror, Aurora

    "The Joker" turns The Dark Kight Rises into a real-life horror 21 July 2012

    The mass shooting in the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, screening the movie The Dark Knight Rises, has been the most tragic incident in years. The suspect who colored his hair red  and called himself "the Joker" was nabbed by the...

    Keywords: James E Holmes, James E Holmes, Dark Knight Rises, the Joker

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    Denver shootings, sandy hook elementary school, obama shattered with the shooting at school, Aurora

    Obama shattered with the shooting at school 15 December 2012

    After a madman, believed to have a personality disorder, rushed into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ct, had killed over 26 people of which 20 were innocent kindergarten-to-fourth-grade children, Obama almost in tears, spoke to the people at the White House....

    Keywords: gunman, aurora shootings, aurora shootings, President Obama

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    psychiatrist, Aurora, denver shooting suspect was seeing a psychiatrist, Aurora

    Denver shooting suspect was seeing a psychiatrist 28 July 2012

    According to the court papers the former neuroscience graduate James Holmes who was accused and arrested for the shootings at the screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Aurora, Colorado was seeking treatment from a psychiatrist at his University....

    Keywords: The dark knight rises, psychiatrist, The dark knight rises, James Holmes

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    mentally ill, Denver, colarado shooting suspect mentally ill, Aurora

    Colarado shooting suspect mentally ill 10 August 2012

    James Holmes, responsible for the killings and the victimization of several people from the audience in the Aurora theater after he sprayed bullets on the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, was said to be mentally ill by his attorneys...

    Keywords: Denver, Denver, James Holmes, mentally ill

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    Malaika aurora, Malaika aurora, arbaz malaika break up, Aurora

    Arbaz – Malaika Break up? 23 May 2011

    From past few months, rumors spell in that one of the successful B – Town couple; Arbaz khan and Malaika Aurora are not getting along with each other. Since their marriage was not working, the couple had plans to call...

    Keywords: arbaz khan, arbaz khan, Malaika aurora, arbaz khan

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    Denver, , the joker s first court hearing, Aurora

    'The Joker's' first court hearing 24 July 2012

    The 24 year old James Eagan Holmes who was the only accused in the mass shooting in the Aurora theater that was screening the Dark Knight Rises was presented before the courthouse for the first hearing on Monday. The man...

    Keywords: neuroscience, Aurora, Denver, The Dark Knight rises

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    gunman, sandy hook elementary school, man open fires at a school 20 children dead, Aurora

    Man open fires at a school, 20 Children dead 15 December 2012

    A man who is believed to have a personality disorder entered and elementary school in Connecticut and started spraying bullets after which he claimed 26 lives of which 20 were children below the age of 10. A few other lucky...

    Keywords: Denver shootings, personality disorder, Denver shootings, Denver shootings

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    ainol hero, ainol crystal, tablets that don t pinch your pockets, Aurora

    Tablets that don't pinch your pockets 01 December 2012

    With the number of tablets available in the market rising steadily day after day, the options you have are becoming wider and, better yet, cheaper. The premium products are however staying on top of the line with performance as well...

    Keywords: apple ipad, ainol aurora 2, apple ipad, google nexus 7

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    fbi background checks, fbi, kill fire with fire us goes the gun way, Aurora

    Kill fire with fire, US goes the gun-way 03 January 2013

    Guns are primarily forms of defense but they have been used for the wrong purposes altogether. US has recently recorded several incident of extreme violence, a few of which can be considered wild massacres. Following the incidents that shook the...

    Keywords: aurora shooting, colarado shooting, aurora shooting, guns

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