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  • Attarintiki Daredi breaks records, no superstar like Powerstar, pawan s way to attarintiki breaks srk s record, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan's way to Attarintiki breaks SRK's record 28 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's stamina is endless. On his way to Attarintiki, he is breaking down previous records of not just Telugu films but also Shah Rukh Khan's Chennai Express. SRK's latest was declared a record smashing blockbuster and Pawan has...

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    Trivikram Pawan Kobali, Powerstar, trivikram s hesitation may cost him, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Trivikram's hesitation may cost him 03 October 2013

    Director Trivikram Srinivas is elated over the continuing success of Attarintiki Daredi. Fans have showered him with superlative praises for the movie, particularly his dialogues, screenplay and direction. There is another side to the coin too. Critics have managed to...

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    Attarintiki Daredi US openings, Attarintiki Daredi piracy, charan s wish for pawan s attarintiki daredi comes true, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Charan's wish for Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi comes true 28 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi movie has rewritten past records and is declared a superhit on the very first day of its release. While theaters all over registered 100% occupancy, word of mouth is expected to continue Pawan mania throughout...

    Keywords: Attarintki Daredi breaks records, Attarintiki Daredi piracy, Charan comments on AD, Pawan mania

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    Attarintiki Daredi movie, Ali comments on Pawan Kalyan., powerstar s friend reveals why pawan said sorry, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Powerstar's friend reveals why Pawan said sorry 02 October 2013

    When Attarintiki Daredi has been received with open hands, one wonders what it is that made Pawan Kalyan sorry. Well, this is a story that happened during the shooting of AD and not after its release. Pawan Kalyan has previously...

    Keywords: Comedian Ali, Ali comments on Pawan Kalyan., Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Attarintiki Daredi movie

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    Attarintiki Daredi press meet, Pawan Kalyan press meet, h wood b wood eyes on attarintiki daredi, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    H'wood, B'wood eyes on Attarintiki Daredi 01 October 2013

    This has never been experienced before. It comes as a pleasant surprise that a Telugu film is right up there in the league of Hollywood and Bollywood films. Call it Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's magnetic pull or the issues that built...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi weekend collections, Ram Gopal Varma, Pawan Kalyan press meet, Taran Adarsh

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    Attarintiki Daredi movie, Pawan Kalyan comments on piracy, pawan kalyan will not rest until, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan Kalyan will not rest until... 15 October 2013

    Finally, Powerstar gave quality time to fans thanks to the Attarintiki Daredi success meet and spoke his heart out. It was one day that will live for long in the hearts of his followers. Pawan Kalyan came out of his...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi piracy, Pawan Kalyan, Powerstar, Pawan Kalyan

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    Pawan Kalyan appearing in commercial ads, Pawan Kalyan Movies, we will see more of pawan kalyan in future, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    We Will See More of Pawan Kalyan In Future 22 November 2013

    Pawan Kalyan with successful movies in the recent past is also trying to keep the trend with Gabbar Singh-2. Apart from the films, by which Pawan Kalyan became number one in the Telugu Industry after the block buster films of...

    Keywords: Gabbar Singh-2, Pawan Kalyan, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan

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    Attarintiki Daredi romantic scenes, Pawan Kalyan AD romantic scenes, samantha s secret recipe for romance with pawan, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Samantha's secret recipe for romance with Pawan 30 September 2013

    Samantha's acting is a hot and sweet dish and that's something we already know. But, how does she manage to make everyone fall in love with her after the film is over? Those who watched Attarintiki Daredi would agree that...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi movie, Samantha romancing Pawan Kalyan, Attarintiki Daredi romantic scenes, Samantha kissing Pawan

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    Gabbar Singh movie, Magadheera movie, another milestone pawan kalyan did it, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Another milestone, Pawan Kalyan did it! 15 October 2013

    As of 15th October, Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi crossed the 20 Crore mark in the Nizam areas. This makes AD the only other film after Magadheera to achieve such a milestone. Collections for the film is still going strong, feeding...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi movie collections, Pawan Kalyan movies, Pawanism, Pawanism

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    Pawan Kalyan interview, Attarintiki Daredi collections, pawan s relief fans disbelief, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan's relief, fans' disbelief 12 October 2013

    Happy days are once again here for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Now that the most crippling strikes by the electricity and APSRTC employees have come to an end, his Attarintiki Daredi picked up its previous energy at the theatres. With this...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi records, Pawan Kalyan interview, Attariniki Daredi success meet, Pawan Kalyan interview

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    Director Trivikram Srinivas, Attarintiki Daredi in Tamil, pawan s attarintiki daredi in tamil, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi in Tamil 03 December 2013

    Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi has found a dari (way) to Tamil Nadu. Its remake rights were sold at a high price of 4.5 crores. And the person bagged it is Vijay. Vijay who has already tasted success with the remakes...

    Keywords: Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi movie remake in Tamil, producer BVSN Prasad, Attarintiki Daredi movie completed 50 days, movie Attarintiki Daredi

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    Pawan Kalyan's Tongue In Cheek, Attarintiki Daredi movie Record Breaks, pawan kalyan s tongue in cheek, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan Kalyan's Tongue In Cheek 06 November 2013

    Pawan Kalyan is enjoying his number one position in the Telugu film industry with record collections of his recent movie "Attarintiki Daredi" in all the regions of the State.  He broke Ram Charan's "Magadheera" records and again in the process...

    Keywords: Gabbar Singh-2, Pawan Kalyan's Tongue In Cheek, Attarintiki Daredi breaks Magadheera Records, Ram Charan's "Magadheera" records

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    Venky with Pawan Kalyan, Ramcharan Teja, venkatesh ready to share screen with pawan kalyan, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Venkatesh Ready to Share Screen with Pawan Kalyan 02 November 2013

    Venkatesh expressed his desire to share screen with Pawan Kalyan.  Who doesn't after his recent hit Attarintiki Daredi made tsunami in film circles! Venkatesh who previously missed a chance of working with Pawan admits that it somehow did not materialize...

    Keywords: Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi movie, Ramcharan Teja, Venkatesh multi-starrer movies, Victory Venkatesh

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    Attarintiki Daredi movie, Pawan's New Teasers to Crack and Sparkle Diwali, pawan s new teasers to crack and sparkle diwali, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan's New Teasers to Crack and Sparkle Diwali 30 October 2013

    Four new trailers of Pawan Kalyan's record breaker Attarintiki Daredi movie are released for Diwali. The movie already hit success with record collections through domestic and foreign box offices recently added 5 scenes to the movie. Falling flat of NTR’s...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi new trailers for Diwali, Pawan Kalyan, Pawan's New Teasers to Crack and Sparkle Diwali, Four new trailers of Attarintiki Daredi

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    Pawan Kalyan's Film Career, Attarintiki Daredi movie, i am in politics says pawan kalyan, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    "I am in politics"- says Pawan Kalyan 02 December 2013

    Pawan Kalyan says that he is already in the politics and not distanced from it. Then where is the question of entering it now? Pawan Kalyan has been denying time and again that he is not interested in active politics...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan's Movies, Pawan Kalyan Interview, Attarintiki Daredi movie, Pawan Kalyan Interview

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    Dhookudu, Harish Shankar, ad crosses another milestone towards magadheera record, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    AD crosses another milestone towards Magadheera record 03 October 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is still dominating the box office. His Attarintiki Daredi is said to have crossed the 40 Crores milestone in overall collections. This is a day before the first week ends. Provided the film keeps its pace for...

    Keywords: Mahesh Babu, Magadheera record, Attarintiki Daredi movie, Powerstar's Gabbar Singh

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    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, Attarintiki Daredi first weekend collections, pawan s attarintiki daredi stamina sets new standards, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Pawan's Attarintiki Daredi stamina sets new standards 30 September 2013

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi has won many races so far and is still going strong. AD won the race against time, piracy and records. And yet, there is no sign of cooling down, just like Pawan's anger in the...

    Keywords: Besharam movie, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Besharam movie, Attariniki Daredi piracy stopped

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    Trivikram, Prabhas, rajamouli shares his two favorite ad moments, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Rajamouli shares his two favorite AD moments 30 September 2013

    So, have you watched Attarintiki Daredi at the theater? Everyone who did have picked their own favorite moments in the film. Director Rajamouli, who is in the news for taking up Bahubali, has also shared his most favorite AD moments....

    Keywords: Prabhas, Bahubali, Rajamouli, Bahubali

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    Pawan Kalyan’s fans, Pawan Kalyan’s fans, 5 scenes added to attarintiki daredi, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    5 Scenes Added to Attarintiki Daredi 24 October 2013

    Like "10% extra" offered on the products especially cosmetics, 5 scenes are added to Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi movie which will be available from tomorrow in the theaters. Two scenes are added in the first part and three in the...

    Keywords: Director Trivikram, Actor Pawan kalyan, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, 5 Scenes Added to Attarintiki Daredi

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    Attarintiki Daredi collections, Powerstar, powerstar fans happy pawanism day, Attarintiki daredi movie pm

    Powerstar fans, Happy Pawanism day 11 October 2013

    Fans of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan have a unique brand of their own. It's called Pawanism. Even those who stay away from loud displays of fanaticism are drawn into the all conquering celebrations that represent Pawanism. To all you fans out...

    Keywords: Attarintiki Daredi movie, Attarintiki Daredi records, Attarintiki Daredi movie, Mahesh Babu

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