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  • Director Sankar, Tamil films, vikram to team up with aparichitudu, Aparichitudu

    Vikram to team up with 'Aparichitudu' 12 May 2012

    By 'Aparichitudu' in this context I mean the maker of this role and the film, who projected the extra ordinary acting skills of Vikram, Director Shankar… well, with the kind of films he has made all these years, I would...

    Keywords: Tamil films, Vikram, Tamil films, aparichitudu

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    k.v anad, dashavataram, surya all set to break the records, Aparichitudu

    Surya all set to break the records 04 June 2011

    A single Hero playing more than one character in the film. This trend was started by N.T.R, Shivaji Ganeshan and many others also continued it. In the film ‘Aparichitudu’, Vikram has played three different shades of roles, in ‘Dashavataram’, Kamal...

    Keywords: k.v anad, maantran, dashavataram, k.v anad

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    raavan, california, peter heins nominated for award, Aparichitudu

    Peter Heins nominated for Award 12 May 2011

    Well Known South Indian film stunt master Peter Hein’s has been nominated for 2011 Taurus World stunt awards for his work in the film 'Raavan'. Peter was nominated in the 'Best Action’ category for his work in Maniratnam's film 'Raavan'...

    Keywords: villain, hollywood, taurus world stunt awards, aparichitudu

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    Owner, Owner, shankar samantha vikram i, Aparichitudu

    Shankar, Samantha, Vikram, " I " 23 June 2012

    Yes, the movie is named as “ I ” in Tamil. It means, King, Owner or Love. Shankar has chosen this name but we do not know which of the three meanings will fit in for the story. He might...

    Keywords: Aparichitudu, Shankar, King, I

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    Sada, Vellavayya.... Velluuuuuu...., sada is paired up with navadeep, Aparichitudu

    Sada is paired up with Navadeep 25 June 2012

    Vellavayya.... Velluuuuuu..... Do you remember this famous dialogue in the movie Jayam which was directed by Teja? Yes, we are talking about Sada. Once a lucky mascot, hit heroine, most sought after for big heros, but is rarely seen in...

    Keywords: Vellavayya.... Velluuuuuu...., Maitri movie, Sada, Jayam

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