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    IVF to weaken child intelligence! 03 July 2013

    There was a prominent information according to an international study published on Tuesday that a certain kind of in-vitro fertilisation which is used for male infertility is connected to a small increased risk of intellectual disability. Furthermore, the research in...

    Keywords: intellectual disability, spontaneous conception, american medical association, male infertility

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    insulin, jama, prostate cancer can be dominated, American medical association

    Prostate Cancer Can Be Dominated! 11 June 2013

    US research has brought into prominence on Monday that men who consumed higher healthy fats from vegetables, nuts as well olive oil succeeding to a diagnosis of prostate cancer experienced superior survival rates than peers whose diets were unchanged. The...

    Keywords: university of california, american medical association, insulin, non-metastatic prostate cancer

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    bloody cure for all sickness, duisburg-essen researchers germany, bloody cure for all sickness, American medical association

    Bloody Cure for all sickness! 12 July 2013

    During the age of high end prosperity in the medical world one would have to feel little indistinct while accepting the fact through these painful photographs showcases that the ancient tradition of bloodletting is not only still in existence but...

    Keywords: ancient tradition of bloodletting, process of menstruation, bloodletting at delhi, greek medical texts

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