• Hawk Aircraft, Rolls Royce, rolls royce paid 10 million pounds to indian defense agent as bribe reports, Aircraft

    Rolls Royce Paid 10 Million Pounds To Indian Defense Agent As Bribe: Reports 01 November 2016

    The British defense company Rolls Royce paid 10 million pounds secretly to an Indian defense agent, who helped the company to win a contract of Hawk Aircraft used by the Indian Air Force for training purposes, according to the reports....

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    Rahul Gandhi flight, Rahul Gandhi aircraft, congress demands probe after rahul gandhi s plane makes emergency landing, Aircraft

    Congress Demands Probe After Rahul Gandhi's Plane Makes Emergency Landing 27 April 2018

    Congress Demands Probe After Rahul Gandhi's Plane Makes Emergency Landing:- Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has been in Karnataka ahead of the state's Assembly elections. He has been busy campaigning in the state after Congress and BJP are set for a...

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    Air Force Aircraft news, NAD news, air force aircraft still not traceable eight from vizag on board, Aircraft

    Air Force Aircraft Still Not Traceable: Eight from Vizag on Board 23 July 2016

    An Indian Air Force aircraft with 29 on board started from Vishahapatnam towards Bay of Bengal went missing. This news created a huge sensation and all of them on board have been the employees of Naval Armament Depot (NAD). The...

    Keywords: NAD news, NAD news, Air Force Aircraft latest, Air Force Aircraft news

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    Centre for Process Innovation, Windowless, future of air travel windowless, Aircraft

    Future of air travel: Windowless 29 October 2014

    An air traveler loves to sit beside the window in a plane and look at the cloud to enjoy the beauty while the rest of them would just have a look from far. But soon, every air travel might get...

    Keywords: windowless aircraft, windowless plane, air travel, Organic Light Emitting Diode

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    Myanmar's Y-8-200F, military aircraft crashed, myanmar plane carrying 122 crashes in andaman sea, Aircraft

    Myanmar Plane Carrying 122 Crashes in Andaman Sea 08 June 2017

    Myanmar Plane Carrying 122 Crashes in Andaman Sea:- Myanmar’s military aircraft went missing yesterday which has been carrying 122 passengers. A search operation has been launched and it carried several army officers along with their children. The search for the...

    Keywords: Myanmar's Y-8-200F, military aircraft crashed, military aircraft crashed, Myanmar military updates

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    HAL aircraft fly, HAL, hal rolls out first htt 40 basic trainer, Aircraft

    HAL rolls out first HTT-40 basic trainer 03 February 2016

    Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)’s new basic trainer aircraft, the Hindustan Turbo Trainer - 40 (HTT-40) rolled out for the first time from the hanger, where it was built and began preparations for its first flight, in this month itself.  HTT-40...

    Keywords: HTT 40 fly, HAL aircraft fly, Technology news, Technology news

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    missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft, Malaysian flight crash, missing malaysian flight crashed into the sea, Aircraft

    Missing Malaysian flight crashed into the sea 08 March 2014

    Malaysian Airlines flight which went missing from Saturday has crashed into the sea 153 miles off the coast of Vietnam's Tho Chu island. Vietnamese navy officials have confirmed that the plane crashed into the sea but could not say anything...

    Keywords: Malaysian Airlines flight goes missing, Missing Malaysian flight crashed into the sea, Malaysian Airlines flight goes missing, missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft

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    10 Satellites roped to trace Malaysian Airlines, West Peninsular, 10 satellites roped to trace malaysian airlines, Aircraft

    10 Satellites roped to trace Malaysian Airlines 11 March 2014

    China has deployed 10 Satellites to trace the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 that vanished on Saturday. It been four days now the aircraft went missing and still no clue was found about it which is frustrating the families...

    Keywords: MH 370 aircraft, Xian Satellite Control Centre, rescue teams of Malaysian airlines, Malaysian Airlines

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    Nepal, aircraft Nepal, aircraft goes missing in nepal, Aircraft

    Aircraft goes missing in Nepal 24 February 2016

    A private airlines company’s Twin Otter aircraft, carrying 23 persons, including 3 crew members, have gone missing in Nepal, just a while.  The Tara Airlines aircraft went missing at 8:10 am, nearly 15 minutes after taking off from Pokhara airport,...

    Keywords: Nepal, Nepal news, Nepal, aircraft Nepal

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    Missing aircraft, AN 32, six days done no signs of iaf aircraft, Aircraft

    Six Days Done: No Signs of IAF Aircraft 28 July 2016

    Indian Air Force aircraft AN 32 went missing on July 22nd with 29 people on board and six days have been passed but there have been no signs of any development. Defence Minister Manohar Parikkar confirmed the news that they...

    Keywords: AN 32 missing, AN 32 news, AN 32 missing, Missing aircraft

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    Top stories, MH 370, search expands to indian ocean for missing aircraft, Aircraft

    Search expands to Indian ocean for missing aircraft 14 March 2014

    The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines has expanded towards Indian Ocean on Friday as the US authorities have reported that the Boeing 777 sent automated electronic messages to satellites several hours after it disappeared from civilian radar last Saturday....

    Keywords: MH 370, MH 370, Top stories, Malaysian Airlines

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    Indian Navy, INS Sandhyak, beacon signals from coast guard s missing dornier detected, Aircraft

    Beacon signals from Coast Guard's missing Dornier detected 13 June 2015

    Dornier CG 791 aircraft went missing along with three officers on board, while it was returning after a regular surveillance sortie last Monday evening. The aircraft was 16 nautical miles off Chidambaram coast at 9.23 PM, while it lost contact....

    Keywords: Submarine INS Sindhudhvaj, Submarine INS Sindhudhvaj, INS Sandhyak, Sonar Locator Beacon

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    plane crash crane, Telangana news, aircraft to be broken into 5 parts, Aircraft

    Aircraft to be broken into 5 parts 11 April 2016

    Central Training Establishment of Air India, has finally decided to dismantle the aircraft and take it to its premises. Durga Cranes, which was shifting the exercise, has no gas cutters or other equipment. After the accident, they started searching for...

    Keywords: Hyderabad news, Hyderabad plane crash, Telangana news, Aircraft Hyderabad

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    Funeral, Funeral, president s aircraft faces technical snag on way to amma s funeral, Aircraft

    President’s Aircraft Faces Technical Snag on Way to ‘Amma’s’ Funeral 06 December 2016

    After President Pranab Mukherjee heard the news of the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha, he took an Indian Air Force plane to Chennai for her funeral. But he had to return mid-way after the plane faced a technical...

    Keywords: Jayalalitha Last Tribute, Technical Snag, President Pranab Mukherjee aircraft, President Pranab Mukherjee aircraft

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    MiG-21 fighter jet crashed, Bijbehara, mig 21 aircraft crashes, Aircraft

    MiG 21 aircraft crashes 27 May 2014

    An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet crashed in an open field at Simthan near Bijbehara in Anantnag district of South Kashmir in which the pilot was reported dead. The pilot is identified as Raghuvanshi and the jet crashed at...

    Keywords: MiG-21 fighter jet crash at Simthan, MiG-21 fighter jet, Bijbehara, MiG-21 fighter jet crashed

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    Aircrafts, Aircrafts, sky lanterns risky for aircraft helicopters, Aircraft

    Sky lanterns risky for aircraft, helicopters 07 March 2015

    Sky lanterns can be especially hazardous to helicopters, which must remain below 500 ft while within 15 nautical miles from the centre of Mumbai's airport, according to helicopter pilot Captain RK Singh. "Any flying object can be a hazard for...

    Keywords: Aircrafts, Aircrafts, Helicopter, Sky lanterns

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    Rafale aircrafts, India, france dispatches the first batch of rafale aircrafts to india, Aircraft

    France dispatches the first batch of Rafale aircrafts to India 27 July 2020

    France dispatches the first batch of Rafale aircrafts to India:- The first batch of Rafale aircrafts flew out from France today and they will arrive in India on July 29th. They will be officially inducted to join the Indian Air...

    Keywords: Rafale aircrafts, Rafale aircrafts price, Rafale aircrafts, Rafale aircrafts dispatched

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    Turbo Megha Airways, Turbo Megha Airways, ram charan s airlines to fly from april, Aircraft

    Ram Charan's airlines to fly from April 19 February 2015

    Apart from being an actor, Ram Charan is also a thorough businessman and we all know that he ventured into airlines business very recently. He had been associated with Turbo Megha Airways which got all the approvals from the Union...

    Keywords: Turbo Megha Airways, Ram Charan airlines business, Ram Charan TruJet airways, TruJet airways

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    world’s largest parcel service UPS, Drones To Door Deliver Package To Customers, drones to door deliver package to customers, Aircraft

    Drones To Door Deliver Package To Customers 06 December 2013

    Drones the unmanned aircrafts so far known for using to spy or to shoot working for the Governments are going to change its face and going to do errands for the masters of private companies. Amazon announced that the company...

    Keywords: Amazon, Drones, FedEx founder Fred Smith, world’s largest parcel service UPS

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    National news, India News, no money to buy rafale combat aircraft antony, Aircraft

    No money to buy Rafale combat aircraft: Antony 07 February 2014

    Union Defence minister AK Antony on Thursday said his ministry is short of money to buy Rafale combat aircraft for this year and have to wait for the next financial year for sufficient funds. Inaugurating Defexpo 2014 at Pragati Maidan,...

    Keywords: Union Defence minister AK Antony, Union Defence minister AK Antony, Defence Minister, Defence Minister

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