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    Practical experiment: Threat from online friends 11 August 2015

    “See you tomorrow, happy to meet you, after long time I met you.” The meaning for the dialogues like these are changing day by day. ‘See you tomorrow’ means ‘I will chat with you tomorrow’ online. ‘Happy to meet you’...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, viral videos, online friends

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    Rajdeep Sardesai, Network 18, rajdeep joins india today, 5g network

    Rajdeep joins India Today 13 September 2014

    Noted journalist Rajdeep Sardesai joined India Today who bid a good bye to Network 18 after working for nine long years. This update was confirmed by the journalist himself through his official Twitter account. “Delighted to be joining TV Today...

    Keywords: Network 18, CNN IBN 7, Headlines Today, Network 18

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    Aadhar Card, Digital Identity Research Initiative, isb launches digital identity research initiative on aadhar card, 5g network

    ISB Launches Digital Identity Research Initiative On Aadhar Card 05 July 2017

    ISB Launches Digital Identity Research Initiative On Aadhar Card:- To promote an academic study of the Aadhaar card and its implications, the Indian School of Business (ISB) has launched the digital identity research initiative (DIRI) on Wednesday. According to a...

    Keywords: Aadhar Card, Omidyar Network, Digital Identity Research Initiative, ISB

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    3G, Flash Networks, airtel inject mysterious lines of codes into the web browsers used by customers, 5g network

    Airtel inject mysterious lines of codes into the web browsers used by customers 10 June 2015

    Airtel, the major private telecom operator has been allegedly caught spying on users by injecting mysterious lines of codes into the web browsers used by the customers to visit websites through its 3G network. This came to light when activist...

    Keywords: GitHub, GitHub, Flash Networks, Flash Networks

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    report, report, 123456 is the most common password in 2016 report, 5g network

    '123456' is the Most Common Password in 2016: Report 16 January 2017

    According to a recent research,  numeric combination of '123456' was the most common password of 2016, followed by '123456789' and 'qwerty' in the year 2016. The study also found that four of the top 10 passwords on the list are...

    Keywords: Password, common passwords, social network, Password

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    AirTel users, AirTel users, airtel goes off the radar, 5g network

    AirTel goes off the radar 24 January 2015

    Seems like a technical glitch has interrupted the services of AirTel users in Hyderabad and several districts of Telugu states. The leading Telecom service operator network went off the radar since Saturday morning while the network users unable to make...

    Keywords: telecom service operator AirTel, AirTel users, AirTel, AirTel network

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    Pakistan military, Pakistan's counter-terrorism policies, pakistan puzzled over u s, 5g network

    Pakistan "puzzled" over U.S. 29 July 2016

    The "extremely opposing views" emanating from within the U.S. Congress about Pakistan's counter-terrorism policies and efforts to promote peace in Afghanistan have confused several Pakistani policy makers. Pakistani policy makers seems to be "puzzled" over Washington's conduct with regard to...

    Keywords: Haqqani Network terrorist group, U.S. Congress, Pakistan military, U.S. Congress

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    Pipeline Networks, Pipeline Networks, water supply system in city improved a lot ktr, 5g network

    Water Supply System In City Improved A lot : KTR 06 June 2017

    Water Supply System In City Improved A lot : KTR:- Over the last few years, the water supply system in the city had improved a lot, said Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao. After the launch of the...

    Keywords: GHMC, HMWSSB, GHMC, Pipeline Networks

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    Rajamouli, RRR Star network, record price for rrr digital and satellite rights, 5g network

    Record Price for RRR Digital and Satellite Rights 13 October 2020

    Record Price for RRR Digital and Satellite Rights:- After the super success of Baahubali, the whole nation has been eagerly waiting for the release of Rajamouli's upcoming movie. The film is titled RRR and it features NTR, Ram Charan in...

    Keywords: RRR budget, NTR, RRR satellite deal, RRR

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    Stephen Harper, Narendra Modi, prime minister modi arrives canada for three day visit, 5g network

    Prime Minister Modi arrives Canada for three day visit 15 April 2015

    From trade, to energy, to the environment, to security, to culture, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have no shortage of topics to discuss with visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the next three days.Harper will also have an unspoken...

    Keywords: university of Ottawa, Climate Action Network Canada, Louise Comeau, Stephen Harper

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    Top Stories, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, centre issues show cause to t msos, 5g network

    Centre issues Show-Cause to T-MSOs 25 July 2014

    The Central government has finally responded on the discontinuity of news channels ABN AndhraJyothy and TV9 in Telangana state by issue show-cause notice to the Telangana MSOs. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] both...

    Keywords: TRAI 2012 regulations, Centre issues Show-Cause to T-MSOs, Cable Television Network Rules 1994, show-cause to Telangana MSOs

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    Zee network, TV channels, even dawood ibrahim can start a news channel in india, 5g network

    Even Dawood Ibrahim can start a news channel in India 08 August 2015

    The lack of transparency related to news media ownership has begun to nibble on their credibility. "A villager in Meerut told us on our face that you (all news channels in the country) are all sold out. After a brief...

    Keywords: TV channels, TV channels, Zee network, Zee network

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    VPN, VPN, internet porn ban is an intrusion to privacy, 5g network

    Internet porn ban is an intrusion to privacy 04 August 2015

    The moral policing has been unleashed by banning porn sites. Even CJI refused to ban porn sites, stating it may infringe upon fundamental rights. It said that the apex court cannot ban an adult from viewing porn in the privacy...

    Keywords: 857 sites, VPN, Torrent, Porn ban

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    Satyam scam, Price Waterhouse Network news, two years ban for price waterhouse in satyam case, 5g network

    Two Years Ban For Price Waterhouse In Satyam Case 11 January 2018

    Two Years Ban For Price Waterhouse In Satyam Case:- Sebi, the market regulator in the country on Wednesday revealed the decision of banning Price Waterhouse network which is said to be the largest global auditing firm. Price Waterhouse has been...

    Keywords: Price Waterhouse Network updates, Price Waterhouse Network news, Sebi, Price Waterhouse Network latest

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    Great Firewall, Google's Gmail, gmail blocked in china, 5g network

    Gmail blocked in China 29 December 2014

    Google's Gmail has been blocked in China since Friday and still there is no access to the largest mail service provider. The Great Firewall is being blamed in the issue while the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, she had no...

    Keywords: Great Firewall, Gmail blocked, Gmail blocked, Gmail blocked

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    Social media, Twitter, twitter implementing new policy to restrict abuse, 5g network

    Twitter implementing new policy to restrict abuse 22 April 2015

    Twitter began implementing a new policy aimed at curbing use of the social network to incite violence and to crack down on abuse and harassment on the service. The new rules are the latest, implemented by social media networks aiming...

    Keywords: Twitter, social network, Social media, Twitter

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    Digitalization process, Cisco Chairman, us software giant shows keen interest to partner with ts govt, 5g network

    US Software Giant Shows Keen Interest To Partner With TS Govt 26 May 2017

    US Software Giant Shows Keen Interest To Partner With TS Govt:- Cisco, the American software giant has shown keen interest in partnering with the Telangana Government. The partnership between the two firms majorly would be in establishing the new networking...

    Keywords: Telangana Government, Telangana Government, Cisco Chairman, Digitalization process

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    Nawaz Shair congratulated Trump, Donald Trump spoke To Nawaz Sharif, president elect trump calls pakistan pm sharif a fantastic man pakistan government, 5g network

    President-Elect Trump Calls Pakistan PM Sharif A “Fantastic Man”: Pakistan Government 01 December 2016

    According to a press release released by the Pakistan government United States President-Elect Donald Trump, while a telephonic conversation with the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said that he is ready to ‘play any role’ in solving problems between the...

    Keywords: Nawaz Shair congratulated Trump, Nawaz Shair congratulated Trump, Nawaz Shair congratulated Trump, Donald Trump spoke To Nawaz Sharif

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    Twitter Strategy, Default profile photo, twitter changes its default profile photo into human silhouette, 5g network

    Twitter Changes Its Default Profile Photo Into Human Silhouette 01 April 2017

    Social networking service, Twitter has now changed its default profile photo from “Twitter Egg”, to a new human silhouette. The Twitter Egg has been used since 2010, for users who do not upload their own photo. Individuals who have created...

    Keywords: Social Networking site, Twitter, Twitter, Default profile photo

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    TCS latest, 5G Network India date, tcs all set to roll out 5g network, 5g network

    TCS all set to roll out 5G Network 23 March 2022

    TCS all set to roll out 5G Network:- Top IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is all set to roll out 5G network for any telecom operator across the globe any day. TCS is working from India and is ready...

    Keywords: 5G Network India date, 5G Network India latest, 5G Network India news, 5G Network India latest

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