Chemmak Challo

Chemmak Challo-review
  • Film : Chemmak Challo
  • Producer : DS Rao
  • Director : Neelakanta
  • Star Cast : Varun Sandesh, Sanchita..
  • Music Director : Kiran Varanasi

Renowned director Neelakanta, who's known for off beat movies, has come up with Chammak Challo movie. Although he tried to attract the audience with the title, the movie opened up to disappointing response today. Catherine Tresa, the sizzling hot star, surely dragged some of the audiences to the theatres, who only ended up giving a thumbs down while walking out of theatres. But what is this Chammak Challo all about? Go through our Chammak Challo movie review to know the same.

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Chemmak Challo-review


The story basically revolves around an off beat film maker Kishore (Srinivas), who would like to make a film on the lines of real romantic stories. For the same, he starts searching for someone who will be in love. One day when he meets one Apparao Agarwal (Shayaji Shinde), he gets to know about the love story of Shyam and Anshu (Varun Sandesh and Sanchita).

Shayaji Shinde actually makes the couple fall in love only to avenge for something. As Shyam and Anshu gets closer and gets engaged, story takes a you turn with Shyam falling for Sunaina (Catherine Tresa). What will happen next will form the remaining part of the story...

Analysis :

 Chemmak Challo-review

The story was more or less looked similar to a French movie named The Dreamers. Director tried to made the movie a classic but since it's been targetted at the commercial audience, it would not apparently not work out well due to slow narration. Songs spoiled the show. Brahmaji didn't suit as Varun Sandesh's father.

Performance :

 Chemmak Challo-review

Except for Catherine Tresa and Shayaji Shinde, there's nothing great to boast about performance. Sanchita, on the other hand, didn't fit into the shoes of Anshu.

Final Word: One time watch if you love slow narration.