Basanti Movie Review

  • Film : Basanti
  • Producer : Uma
  • Director : Chaitanya Dantuluri
  • Star Cast : Raja Goutham, Alisha Baig, Tanikella Bharani..
  • Music Director : Mani Sharma

Basanti movie features Tollywood top comedian Brahamanandam's son Gautham in the lead role. This is comeback film for Gautham after four years. Basanti is directed by award winning director Chaitanya Dhantuluri who debuted with Banam. The movie has backdrop of terrorism.

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The movie opens with bomb blast in Hyderabad city. Three months after the blast, the police catch a terrorist named Baba Khan. On the other side, Arjun (Gautham) is a middle class boy who will be pursuing his engineering in Basanti College. He falls in love with Roshini (Alisha Baig). But she has plans to study her MS in London and when Arjun decides to convey his love, Roshini goes missing.

Meanwhile the terrorist group plan for a massive blasts in city in the view of Baba Khan arrest. But the police chase the plan of blast and so the terrorist group shift their plan. They attack Basanti Engineering college where Arjun and all the students will be made hostages. The terrorist group demand for release of Baba Khan.

Will the police fulfill the demand of terrorist? What happened to Roshini ? Will Gautham and Roshini united forms the entire plot.

Analysis :


Director Chaitanya should be appreciated for making a movie with such typical content. The subject he made is very good but the output wasn't that impressive. The interval bang is good and the second half is dragged. The two twists in the second half will be interesting. Coming to the technical stuff, music by Mani Sharma is outstanding and the background music is an asset for the film. All the songs are filmed exceptionally well. Cinematography by PK Varma is top notch.

Performance :


Gautham matured as an actor. He displayed his emotions well and did justice to his role. Gautham made sure he is a director's actor but we cannot say this is his best performance as it is only the third film of Gautham. Though Alisha Baig's role is minimal she is adequate. The rest of the cast were ok.

Final Word: Basanti will appeal to the multiplex audience but falls short of expectation to the mass audience. Gautham better luck next time.