Middle age people are at higher risk to Dementia

April 21, 2021 18:37
Middle age people are at higher risk to Dementia

Middle age people are at higher risk to Dementia:- If you are sleeping for less than six hours in the night, there would be a risk for dementia when you are in your 50s and 60s. This is revealed as per the study that was conducted on 8000 British adults. The research was based on the data that was collected from a long-running survey which kept a line between your sleep and dementia in the people as per their age. The study got published in the journal Nature Communications and it clearly indicated that the people who slept for less than six hours in the night are at a higher risk to dementia. The normal sleep that is expected to keep healthy is seven hours. All those who are addicted to short sleeping patterns are at a risk to dementia in the age between 50 and 70. This is irrespective of cardiometabolic or mental health issues.

The study authors from the French national health-research institute INSERM analysed data of 7959 British individuals from the University College of London since 1985. The participants reported their sleep duration and 3900 people from them had a habit of wearing watch devices overnight. There are ten million new cases of dementia every year across the world as per the reports of the World Health Organization. The sleeping time is linked to the risk of dementia in the older adults. The research also made it clear about improving the sleep patterns among adults.

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