3 simple tips to get rid of dust allergy

October 05, 2015 15:39
3 simple tips to get rid of dust allergy

Every one has their own identical allergies and it might appear silly to the others. But they never understand the pain you take at that time. Anyway, here are the simple tips to follow, to get rid of the dust allergy, for the people who possess it.

Green tea throws dust allergy away

Believe or not, green tea has many magics in it, and among that, relieving the dust allergy might be one of the best ones.

Drink Green tea to get rid of swollen sinuses and sneezing. Then rub the tea bag on the patches of the skin, that is affected by dust allergy.

Honey, an enemy to dust allergy

Honey is another best natural cure for the allergy attacks. Along with drinking it, even applying it on the rashes or blisters, can also show positive results. 

Steam stems out dust allergy 

Along with the above two, the inhaling steam will give an instant relief from the allergy attacks. To make it possible, take a large bowl of water and boil it well.

Now take a towel and place over your head and inhale the steam. But make sure, you do not go much closer to the hot water in the bowl.  

You need not spend more money and make your doctor much richer for this. All the above tips are so simple to follow and can be done at your home itself.

By Phani Ch

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