Track your weight regularly to bring down your weight

June 18, 2015 15:48
Track your weight regularly to bring down your weight

Reducing your body weight can be a task. But according to a study performed by the researchers from Cornell University, it was proved that keeping a track of one's weight by stepping on scale everyday can help a person, especially men, to lose weight and keep from gaining it again.

For the study, researchers collected and analyzed data from 162 volunteers. They were randomly separated into an intervention group and a control group. Individuals in the intervention group were first given a target of 1 percent weight loss, which they could lose in any manner they chose.

"Because we didn't prescribe, everyone found their own way of losing the weight," whether they reduced portion size, stopped snacking or skipped a meal, Levitsky said.

Losing 1 percent of body weight requires most people to cut only about 150 calories a day for two weeks. Once they maintained that weight loss for 10 days, the program then gave them a new target to lose another 1 percent, and so on. The goal was to lose a total of 10 percent of their starting body weight.

From the results, the researchers believed that steeping on the scale and tracking it can help in maintaining the body weight. The findings are detailed in the Journal of Obesity.
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