Stay away from these tests if you're healthy

September 25, 2013 17:17
Stay away from these tests if you're healthy

One visit to the doctor and your bill takes the highway. There is no end to the amount of medical tests that one can go through with all their associated costs. Still, there are a few tests that are better avoided for their 'less than important' role in diagnosing simple problems.

CT scan for headaches: This is one test that one should maintain a distance from. Apart from making a huge bill, the test has no real significance in helping cure headaches, particularly migraines. If you fell prey to such a test earlier, you know how important it turned out be when the doctor finally wrote down the prescription.

Bone Density test: Unless a person falls into the vulnerable weak bones category, this is one test that has no significance. Leaving those over the age of 65, anyone going for a bone density test will simply burn a hole in their pocket. Medicines prescribed for any mild bone loss will in turn gift you many side effects.

EKG test: An exercise stress test or electrocardiogram is for those with heart trouble. Rest of the population looking to find more information about their hearts can detect false troubles in their eagerness to find something wrong with their heart. The resultant stress may lead to more tests to diagnose something that can be cured with calming down.

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