How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes

May 26, 2017 19:27
How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes

How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes:- Headaches are very common and most people have severe recurring headaches. These headaches are triggered by poor lifestyle, inadequate nourishment and stressful work hours. Even anti-inflammatories don’t work and we all long for that panacea which would cure it all instantly. So here is a compilation to help you ease off and stop a bad headache, “how to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes” There are some wonderful tips and tricks which would not only reduce headache but also give a revitalizing impact.  

Eastern alternative forms of medicines are known to cure these severe headaches and can be applied in addition to your prescription drugs. Acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology are known to have excellent impact in treating pains. These are completely harmless and can be tried for a few minutes before even opting for medicines. They even reduce the further chances of severe headache and nausea if practiced regularly. There are some wonderful ways to get rid of headache which include both temporary relief and also permanent cure. All of these have varying impacts on different people. Some may find one method working sometime and other method at other times. Therefore, it is always nice to have a few handy tricks for getting relief from headache at home.

How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes:

By using acupressure and reflexotherapy in addition to concepts from acupuncture, there are numerous ways to get rid of headache fast. Listing some wonderful tried and tested pressure points for those severe headache episodes.

1- Yintang point:

Yintang point

Yintang point is right between the two eyebrows, just at the bridge of the nose reaching out towards forehead. This point is also responsible for eye fatigue removal. It is also called the hall of impression. This point helps with nose bleeds, nasal congestion, headaches and even high blood pressure.


- Sit upright on a chair

- Now using your index finger and the middle finger, press gently on this point

- Keep pressing for 45 second to 1 minute.

- Now wait for 2 minutes and again repeat

- Do it for a few times and see the pain disappear

2- Zan Zhu point:

Zan Zhu point

These two points are on the medial end of the eyebrow, directly above the inner canthus of the eye. It is known as the local point for sinus, congestion and headache. There are ample symptoms which help us to proceed with zan zhu point. These include red, itchy and watery eyes. It also relieves a runny nose and improves visual activity too.


- Sit upright on a chair

- Close your eyes

- Use both your hands and press these points using your thumb.

- Keep massaging for 1 minute at a time and relax for a few minutes in between

- Repeat 4-5 times or until your feel comfortable

3- Yingxiang point:

Yingxiang point

These two points are located on both the sides of the nostrils in line with eyes. This point helps in opening sinus, reduce headache, relieves headache and toothache, also relieves stress. They are pretty unique spots and they help in calming a headache.


- Sit upright in a chair

- Now using your index finger massage these two points

- Keep massaging for 1 minute

- This relieves from sinus, headache and relieves from tension.

4- Tian Zhu point:

Tian Zhu point

Tian Zhu points are located at the back of the head in middle, between the ear and the beginning of spine. This helps in relieving occipital headaches, cervical rigidity and heaviness in head. It also prevents cold, fever, body aches and weakness in legs.


- Sit upright on a chair

- Uncover the area around your neck

- Now using your both the hands, gently massage and press around these two points on the back of the head

- It not only relieves headache pain but also helps in insomnia, stress and neck pain.

5- Shuai gu Point:

Shuai gu Point

This point is over the ears on both sides. Just about an inch above your ear. Pressure applied in this area relieves the pain in temporal region and eye fatigue. It also treats alcohol intoxication in addition to harmonizing the diaphragm and stomach.


- Sit upright on a chair

- Now using your index fingers and thumb, massage these two points over your ears.

- Keep continuing for 1 minute, and take a break for few minutes in between before proceeding

- Repeat 3-5 times.

6- He Gu point:

He Gu point

These two symmetrical points are located on both the hands, on the back side. They are on the webbing of the skin between thumb and index finger. This spot is useful for neck and back pain in addition to migraine. Ball your fist and the gently pressurize.


- Using your index finger and thumb, press these spots

- From your right hand you can put pressure on your left and vice versa

- This relieves back pain, toothache, headache and tension in muscles

- Continue for 1 minute and relax

- Repeat 5-7 times.

Acupressure points

All the above acupressure points believe in energies flowing through our body called Qi. This vital energy if blocked in their paths, can result in ailments like headaches, sinus, nausea and more. The pressure effects from acupressure using fingers helps in letting a smooth flow of energy and relieving off the pains. This not only brings the Qi back to normal, but also enriches smoother flow for long. Thus relief from pain and cramps for long.

The above compilation on How to get rid of a headache in 5 minutes is based on readings into alternative forms of medicines. These eastern world medicinal therapies are far more prominent for their immediate relief and no side effects.  Be sure to check with your healthcare provider before proceeding, they may have some more details to be checked before attempting. Also take a few sessions from trained acupuncture experts, to understand the pressure strength and points better. Focus on your diet and health to improve your well being.

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