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Rahul Gandhi is immature, says BJP

News: Criticisms on Rahul Gandhi alleging his behaviour is kiddish in parliament

Teacher: How do you think you can aim for IAS, with this kiddish behavior?
Student: I am better than those, who expected PM seat earlier.

By Phani Ch


Dawood is equal to a short tempered school teacher

News: Public threatened to buy Dawood properties on auction

It is like kids, frightening for the short tempered teacher, even though they do homework.

By Phani Ch


When does a graduate get ready to do schooling again?

News: Kapu community included in BCs

Punch: Even a graduate loves to do schooling again, if the government assures a job.

By Phani Ch


Degree to auto drivers in Telangana

News: Autos to unemployed minority youth

Punch: Should all those applicants, do a degree in auto driving now.

By Phani Ch


Student turns billionaire after teacher punished

News: Teacher pays Rs. 50000 fine for punishing student

Punch: If the same rule prevails when I was a student, now I would have been a Billionaire.  
By Phani Ch


Right parents while signing TDP progess reports

News: Progress report for each TDP leader


I hope even there would be people like parents, who throw the report on the face, after seeing the marks.

By Phani Ch


Proof to say world loves controversy

Teacher: Why do you always create controversy in class?

Student: Because the world loves it.

Teacher: How can you say that? Do you have any proof?

Student: See, #MakeIndiaFirst is trending over #ISupportDigitalIndia

By Phani Ch


Naidu strategy in Jagan indefinite fast

News: Naidu rejects permission for Jagan indefinite fast, for saving the latter from dying.  

Punch: It is like your competitor avoided you showing the answer in exams, and saying that, he does not want you to spoil, by copying.
By Phani Ch


AAP onion scam is what Incredible India means

Teacher: What do you mean by ‘Incredible India’?

Student: AAP performing #onionscam

By Phani Ch


Netaji got famous when in controversy

News: #Netajifiles into public

Netaji inner voice: No one cared about me, when I am in books. Everyone is knowing about me, when Iam in controversy.

By Phani Ch


Reason for TDP to compromise on land pooling

News: Pawan effect- TDP pauses land pooling

Punch: You have to compromise in quarrel, with the first ranker, when you realize that, your seat is just beside him, in the exams.
By Phanindra


Rock the holidays

Continuous holidays
Expectation: To rock
Reality: Sleep like a rock
Realization: Last hour of holiday

By Phani