Kerala Wife Keeps Body Of Her Dead Husband For Four Months

July 07, 2017 17:01
Kerala Wife Keeps Body Of Her Dead Husband For Four Months

Kerala Wife Keeps Body Of Her Dead Husband For Four Months:- With technology dominating our lives, people have been moving forward in life and superstitious beliefs have no place in this advanced world. Here comes a shocking incident after Kerala wife kept the body of her husband at home for four months hoping that he will return back. The incident took place in Malappuram’s district in Kerala after a team of police officials broke into the house of Syed who passed away four months ago. The cops have been left in shock after they discovered this.

The smell has been unbearable however they had to crack it for which they counted every second. They went to one of the bedrooms and found a mother along with her three children sitting on the floor around the bed. The body of her husband has been covered with a bed sheet. As the cops went neared, the stench grew huge and when they removed the bed sheet, they located the dead body of Syed. The body had rarely flesh and it has been completely decomposed.

Syed’s skeleton has been left and he is said to have passed away during February this year. His family members hid the news from the outside world. They kept praying for his comeback instead of cremating the body informed the cops. One of the family relative of Syed informed the cops after he located Syed nowhere. Syed’s 21-year old son rarely stepped out of the house which made his relative suspicious. Syed is a teacher at a nearby madrassa.

Syed lived in Kolathur with his wife Ushara and his children. His son too is a teacher and his daughters are minors. The cops located them praying for his comeback as they do regularly after preparing their breakfast and lunch. They started covering the dead body with a bed sheet after it decayed. The family also started ignoring their relatives after the incident took place. The Kolathur police have registered a case of unnatural death. The post mortem procedures were conducted and they are awaiting the results to ascertain the cause of death.

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