Israel War: Death Toll Rise To 1100

October 09, 2023 15:09
Israel War: Death Toll Rise To 1100

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Israel War: Death Toll Rise To 1100:- Several areas across Southern Israel are under attack after Hama’s surprise attack. Israel has declared a ‘State of War’ after the continued air strikes by Hamas. Israel confirms that they responded to all the artillery strikes. Gaza is filled with Israeli fighter jets and drones. Some of the media reported that there was a non-stop attack on Gaza with continuous air strikes.

The death toll has surged to 1100 with the Palestinian militant group launching the surprise attack on Gaza. Thousands of rockets were fired on Israel, many civilians were gunned down and at least 100 were taken as hostages.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), this is the deadliest attack on the country after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. Israeli officials also said that many broke into the houses and shot people point blank.

Hamas attacked at the music fest, where a tribe of Nova will hold a music fest all night near the Gaza-Israel border, thousands of young people celebrated the Jewish holiday at this point, but it had turned into bloodshed after the military attack, 260 were estimated to have died at this music fest. Gaza officials have reported that at least 413 were dead and have hammered 800 sir strikes.

United Nations Gilad Erdan in response to the attacks called Hamas no different than ISIS. They called Hamas the genocidal Islamist Jihadist terror organization.

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