Caste, Religion Split American Telugu Organizations in Many

October 18, 2016 19:12
Caste, Religion Split American Telugu Organizations in Many

Everyone is attracted to going to America. It can be either for the status or dollar dreams or the stage to change the life, even Telugu people are crazy about going to America.
Studying in America, working their, visa, green card like this is every aspect there are lots of hopes from this foreign country. All these emotions are attached that is why Telugu people living in America not only think the Telugu associations only as associations, they think as their on reputation and dignity. At the same time, Telugu Association of America is always there for their people. Those associations have now split apart due to group politics and strategies. At the end, this has led to fights among themselves.

Recently in a new controversy, the America Telugu Association have led to new politics. Without speaking anything one can say that these associations are no more together.

In the above video, we can see how ATA members are seen abusing and fighting with each other. One of them is even seen holding the color of another. Beep sound was followed as the members started verbally abusing each other.

ATA Elect Board of Trust Elections takes place in every two years with the help of ATA rules.This event is done in a very transparent manner. In this matter, Mr. Hanumanth Reddy who was solely looking on everything asked former trusted Mr.Harindar Reddy who was investigating about the nomination, and Chandrasekhar Reddy to leave from there. So, this aroused a fight between Harinder Reddy and Hanumanth Reddy followed by verbal abused and fight.

As soon as Bharathi Pulluru came to Hanumanth Reddy, as she was opening the lock they asked to show the paper. He immediately started abusing me. Remaining ATA members requested him not to do so still he continued to verbally abuse us.

When we asked who gave you authorization, he said "We don't need to show you any authorization. You can go and complain whomever you want.I want to see whether I have been nominated or not. Because previously also I was not nominated. At the same time, Harinder Reddy came to say something, Hanumanth Reddy tried to shut him down by using abusive language. Then they started pushing each other.

ATA representatives conveyed that ATA is strongly condemning the behavior by Harinder Reddy.  Harinder Reddy who tried to degrade ATA's dignity, an investigation will be done on him.

They said that I strongly request the ATA board, to look into the matter seriously and take appropriate action against Mr. Harindar Reddy and other people who were involved in assaulting Mr.  Hanumanth Reddy who is well respected, senior member, who was the continuing member, ATA past president as he dedicated entire 26 years for this organization. It I deplorable action what Mr. Harindar Reddy has done.

Why is the organization made?So that in tough times everyone is there for each other. So that they can face problems together, living together in unity but the situation is totally opposite. Because the unity which is their between Telugu people in America can be reflected from the organization itself. TANA, ATA, NATA, NATS, TATA, Silikanandra,TDF, second ATA like this many small organizations are there.Why so many organization is because of caste, religions which have led to political groups. One time these organizations use to reflect the dignity and pride of Telugu people living in America, but now they have become a stage for political outrage and fight. This has become a topic of discussion around the world.

America has definitely become very popular after Telugu people got jobs and settled there. Decades itself Telugu people stepped in America and growth in many sectors. Now when we talk about a number of people going to America, more Telugu people are traveling there. In this regard decades ago people have been talking about the unity among the Telugu people. In America, the first ever organization which was formed was Greater Water Telugu Culture Sangham (GWTCS). After that as New York center, another organization was formed called as Telugu Literary and Culture Association (TLCA). Like this, though many Telugu associations were there they were limited to that particular State pursuing their own events.

Bringing all small Telugu organizations together, Guttugulla Ravindranath, Bandaru Shiva Ram Reddy, Tummalla Madhav Rao, Manne Ramana Rao started an organization in 1977 as TANA.

Bringing all Telugu people under one association, and keeping them together did not get fulfilled.

Nalla Maddhu Satyanarayana won as TANA president making Balaram Reddy losing the election. Due to which the caste became a huge issue. Accusing that only some caste people were given priority and consideration, Balaram Reddy along with some other Telugu people started ATA in 1991. When ATA was started palisade did not happen between Telugu people. ATA and TANA used to organized conferences one in each year. During this time differences arose in ATA which led to some people starting NATA. In 2008 difference came in TANA which led to the formation of NATS. Finally in 2015 TATA was formed. Caste, religion, group politics, like this many issues took their place in American organizations. After the violent ATA episode, many meetings is taking place regarding this. With this kind of hour one should not bring a bad name to NRI this was the request from everyone.

Bringing personal Agenda, all NRIs are getting a bad name. If they have personal agenda or political agenda, they should come out and no NRI should face the problem.

Why so many Telugu Organizations are made in America? Though many reasons are said outside the main reasons are casteism, religion, group politics. The worst thing is that though they are split apart in every Telugu organizations, group politics is taking place in a full spree. In this regard many allegations from made on all the Telugu associations.

In TANA One of the group even went to court to change the by-laws. They even said that the election pattern is not good. At the end, they sorted their dispute outside of court. In the same way, the conference which took place in Detroit, the director accused of using of funds in the wrong manner. In ATA also this is the same situation. On of the group even went to court stating that the elections were not conducted in the correct manner and many malpractices were going. NATA which got split from ATA disputes is still going on. Some accused that only people who are rich are running NATA. One of the group accused that people who are working for association development, they are not been given importance. In NATS also the same scenario is seen. Organizational funds have been misused were the acquisitions of some of the people.

A case, disputes, court, fights, casteism, group politics all these are fully present in all Telugu organizations in America which are quite shameful.

The organization which was always together for their Telugu people living in America are not split. What is the reason for this breakage? All these questions which Telugu people are raising none of it have a single answer.

Everyone knows that there are some organizations which were purely biased based on the caste , religion or status. Vaasavi, Kaapu, Rajulu are some of the organizations working . When we talk about America, we thing of the freedom and broad mentality present in the people over there. So for some time if we keep that aside, this kind of broad mentality has it been accepted by Telugu people over there? This is only because so many groups, organizations have been formed.Researchers think that every organization wants that their association has upper hand because of which group politics is airing. Calling many leaders from all over the Telugu states for a conference is another tactic to make their organization famous.

TATA Photos
Previously actors use to be keen on attending a conference held by Telugu associations. But now as the number of organizations rises, they are paying the huge amount for calling celebs for the events. In India for doing lobbying they are using the name of the particular organization saying that they are the president of a particular organization. Getting political leaders for conferences is the main target for many organization. For organizing the event to supplying food everything has been seen as a part of the political angel. For the protection of people in America and saving our mother tongue Telugu, these kind of fights are arising between organization.

Two ATA member who fought in a post office in America is a very sad and degrading attitude. Our Telugu people who have come all the way to 10000 km so that problems of Telugu people living in America and also in India can be solved. But instead of that if we fight will come down degrading our own nation.

The Telugu associations in America are not only for those in America but also for those living in India. These organizations have the main role in guiding and helping all Telugu people in and around the nation. For example, TANA has conducted many service activities. It has also launched an E-Book on its website so that people can get helped out living away fro their motherland. All these people who want their parents to come to America should read this E-book. TANA website is a must read place for all the Telugu people.

Silikanandra organization have adopted many villages and developed them. In this regard, all the organizations are together in America. But when caste, religion, and personal disputes come these led to a split of the organization.


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