POP Culture 'Let Nerdy Intellect, be your Salvation'

May 29, 2015 18:54
POP Culture  'Let Nerdy Intellect, be your Salvation'

Ever wondered what would "Friends" be like, if Rachel had never met Ross or if they would have been just friends. None of the never ending break-ups, and sobby patch-ups. Yes, they had their share of  hillarious weird dates and heart warming  conversations. With  Ross, You have the typical Nerd, a sort of man child. And there are only a few of us, who are willing to be their ‘Rache’

Now that guy, you met at the bar, he was cute, oh sure you want the hunk from the gym! But ever thought of giving a chance to that spectacled man who is out there changing the world.  He might not be the broad shouldered spartan hunk you fantasize about.But Surely the  extra grey cells matter dont they ladies. He probably has more spectrum than 50 shades of grey! (Trust their bibliophile nature).   

Don't  trust me on this? Take cue from the Hollywood flicks. And you have your usual everyday professors or the geeky programmer, who saves the day and turns out to be the real hero, by actually caring for how you feel and what you want. Lets get evolutionary biology into the picture.  Imagine this, Smart guy plus the hottie equals Tony Stark. Where do you find him? I am sure you're Peter Parker is out there, slugging out in some library. With a bit of patience he could be your spiderman. And ladies, dont tell me you are not into that reverse liplock stuff. Its Irresistible!

So come on birdies, all I’m saying is; those nerdies out there, give them a chance!  Nerdy is the new sexy!  I’m sure there is a hidden sapiosexual in you somewhere.   

And now all of you Peter Parker's, Tony Stark-in-the-making, dont be a Ross. I've hyped you up, live up to it. Make it from nerddom to stardom.  Your Kind has suffered too long from the lack of good marketing . Nonetheless the time is apt! Man up, and let your nerdy intellect be your salvation .  

 By Rushati Ghosh

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