Naidu situation- Cat on the wall

May 25, 2015 13:50
Naidu situation- Cat on the wall

On Monday morning, Singapore Minister Eswaran has handed over a master plan of the Andhra Pradesh capital city to AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Not only Mr. Eswaran, many other Singapore companies did this job. Basing on this, now there is a buzz in the political houses that, what is CM doing with these many number of plans?, he may need a good number of days just to refer all these plans given by various companies, then when can he go ahead with the construction works?, would it be possible in the near future?, these are the questions raised by a few of the political critics.

As per the information, it is known that, the foundation works for the project are going to be held in the first week of June and the officials had already announced that the construction works would begin soon. But the question is, when is that soon?

Plans are many, but where is the time?

 Though, the intention of officials behind the word 'soon' is a few months away, there might not be any possibility to begin the construction as it takes a quality amount of time to refer and  analyze all the plans.

On the other side, if the officials decide to start the construction soon, though not common people, a few of the intellectuals may raise a question that, when the project is so important and going to be historic, why the government is in a hurry to complete it without proper analyzing all the master plans?, few other intellectuals might even clarify that, it is just due to the negligence of AP government.

Oppositions target Naidu?

Now Naidu's situation is like a cat on the wall. If he start the construction immediately, oppositions may blame him raising the tag called 'negligence', on the other hand, if he delays it, the same oppositions may say that, Naidu is not able to keep up his promise and so cheating the people. 

But, we know that Naidu is wise enough to face these type of challenges. Hope he finds a solution and comes out of the issue soon.

By Phani

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