Pappu Can’t Write Saala

May 02, 2015 11:28
Pappu Can’t Write Saala

In an embarrassment to the Congress, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi who is back after a sabbatical to a undisclosed destination to introspect has visited the Nepal Embassy to pay condolences to those killed in the Apr 26 quake, was caught on camera copying text from his Blackberry mobile phone while writing on visitor’s book of the building. Does he don’t have any intelligence or knowledge to atleast, write a few words of condolence?

After paying condolences to those who died in the killer earthquake in the neighbouring country, the Gandhi scion, who looks aggressive since his return after two-month long sabbatical, signed on the visitor’s register where photographers clicked his pictures. Rahul started writing on the visitor’s register but furtively looked at his mobile to read the text which he want to copy. As he went ahead with copying the text on the register Rahul pressed a button on the mobile to switch on its back-light to read the text again.

Rahul Gandhi Message

Thank God the previous Lok sabha elections did not give a mandate to Congress; otherwise it will be a disaster to the people of this country to carry such a dumb as the Prime minister. The people of this country have taken the right decision. Roaring on the parliament and walking miles without any reason to substantiate that is what Rahul Gandhi doing after he is back from his sabbatical. This very act is being seen as something eccentric. There is no vision or prospect in his views or acts. He is very desperate that congress is not in power.

The congress which has lost the election and rejected by the people of this country is very much desperate in rejuvenating the party relying on the dynasty. But unfortunately the dynasty does not have any vision or capability to lead the party. The acts of Rahul Gandhi are seen as the jokes and people would like to accept him as a joker rather than a leader. This is due to his senseless jibes he is making on day to day. The congress leadership itself is tired of shielding him from the criticism by other parties as well as from the social media. Rahul Gandhi is a trending subject in social media for all kinds of jokes. There are dedicated pages exclusively for his senseless jibes.

Here are the few tweets regarding Rahul Gandhi’s copy paste saga. The trending twitter handle is #PappuCantWriteSaala

DHAIRYA @dhairya_c31- Thanks to voters of Ind tht saved us frm getting a PM who wd hv shamed us writing thoughts in books frm mobile! #PappuCantWriteSaala

Big Dipper @excise3 - Message on mobile phone wasn't  more than five lines and sonia is hell bent on making #Pappu PM. God save this Country #PappuCantWriteSaala

ajay pathak @ajaypathak87 - #PappuCantWriteSaala Dont torture the poor guy. His brain has escaped his body with the escape velocity of Jupiter.

@AbhishekVHP - Today Rahul G prove himself why all call him "Pappu".. He can't write few lines without copy. Maan gaye Pappu G ko. #PappuCantWriteSaala

By Premji

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