T Cong Public Meeting Successful?

July 01, 2013 11:56
T Cong Public Meeting Successful?

If you look at the number of people attended and compare with those of BJP and TRS, yes it is successful.

Telangana Congress leaders held a public meeting "Telangana Sadhana Sabha" on Sunday at Nizam College grounds.  The meeting attended by many leaders and general public the way it was attended by TRS and BJP held meetings at the same place previously.   The meeting boosted the spirits of the Congress cadre.

"Telangana Sadhana Sabha" was presided over by the senior Congress party leader Jana Reddy.  The leaders spoke in the meeting were former PCC President D Srinivas, Former minister Shabbir Ali who are MLCs now, Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Raja Narasimha, Union Ministers Sarve Satyanarayana, Balaram Nayak and State Minister Geeta Reddy.  

Main theme of the meeting is that it is only Congress Party that can give a separate Statehood and fulfill Telangana people’s aspirations and it is Congress Party that was fighting for it.  The leaders’ unanimous statement was that they would impress upon the leadership of AICC to make the Telangana Statehood a reality.  And they are sure that the high command will do the needful may be in a week as the symptoms show.  They all urged the students not to take any more ultimate step of committing suicides.  

Deputy Raja Narasimha said in his key speech that Telangana movement has a history of 70 years.  He said that it is not done for any package offers or in protest of discrimination.   He reminded that Telangana was a separate State before independence and stood special for the last 3000 years with its own culture and traditions.  He said that the State of Andhra Pradesh has been under the rule of Andhras as Chief Ministers who did not observe balanced administration because of which feelings of indignation and insecurity crept in to Telangana people’s minds.  He also criticized the party policies of BJP and TDP regarding Telangana issue.

The political analyzers did not see any new point in the meeting excepting the strong attempt to undermine TRS and other parties who can claim the credit of getting Telangana State if the party high command takes a decision to separate Telangana region from AP to give it statehood.  That must be the reason to say time and again that it is only Congress party that can get a separate Statehood for Telangana and for telling that the Telangana movement is an old one and the longest movement for freedom.

It seems that the Congress party is waiting for a suitable time for the announcement of some sort on Telangana so that the party gets total political gain out of it.  The party leaders are all senior ones that participated in the Telangana Sadhana Sabha but no one has any part in the decision making.  They all know that whatever is being promised is not in their hands.  That is the reason why the promises were guardedly worded not to give a commitment from their side.  

Leaders of T Congress said that they will resign from their posts if necessary and work for the Telangana Statehood by continuing in the party.

Probably the meeting is one of its kinds to say something with emotion and not to say anything with commitment.  It is for the first time a party is urged the same party leaders in public meeting in public interest.


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