Sare Jehan se make it, wipe her tears!

August 14, 2012 10:56
Sare Jehan se make it, wipe her tears!

'Saare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara,
Hum Bul Bullein Hain is ke, Ye Gulsitaan Hamara,
Saare Jahan se Accha Hindustan Hamara...'

metro1All of us know that the country got its Independence from the Whites in 1947 on August 15, that is history and tomorrow we go on to celebrate the 66th independence day. As an Indian, all of us feel proud and great on this day. That's a part of the euphoria on the Independence day, as usual. However many of us forget to ponder over the issues that are savoring, on Mother India, like cancer. Meticulously planned Constitution, well fought non violence war, abled leaders with a vision, abundance man power, resources surplus and water everywhere, yet our standards are still, to reach the most developed status globally. Is it a boon or a bane.

metro2With rich heritage behind us, we are heading nowhere, towards prosperity. The scams, the political uncertainties and human greed to grab more than required have become the parasites eating the system. And inturn paralyzed it to such an extent that we are moving towards, 'beyond repair levels'. Had we done the trouble shooting or medication at an early stage then this day would not have emerged. Our short term memory has been well exploited by our earnest elected members. This is one country where heroes turn villains for a brief moment and later as time passes they emerge back as heroes. Well if need to cite examples about the issue then this whole space would be just an atom of Mt Everest.

metro3Amassing wealth is needed for all of us, but that within limits is sure to give endless happiness. Educating our children for a brighter society is the order of the twenty first century. It is not important that 'we give them all that they want' but it is essential that 'we give all that they need.' So why are we greedy to deprive the others of their rightful share of the resources and saving it for the generations to come, down our lineage. This is absurd, yet the prevailing funda.

metro4On one side we have the common man suffering on all sides, the rich avoiding taxes,  politicians trying to save their seats and earning more to take care of their generations that are yet to come. Growing GDP and downwards surging growth rates, escalating prices and depreciating rupee value, the rich get richer and the poor get subsidies... where is the scope of a breather, for the middle class man. Though we give a damn to any of these things, on the rest of the 364 days, atleast think once for today.

metro5Because it is we, who could change the phase of this nation... irrespective of age, colour, creed or work. As an idea could change the lives of our fellow countrymen. Ask not 'what our country has done for us,'. As if we start listing, then the country has given us in abundance. One simple issue is our freedom of speech, if not you would not have been reading this, while I happily sip my morning  coffy cuppa. Just keep asking 'what we can do for the country,' may be you could make the difference. Imagine, amidst all this hectic parleys do we have time to wipe the innocent tear of the baby who is crying for roti, roti and roti. (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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