The Madanapalli Andhra Family Horror Story

January 28, 2021 18:56
The Madanapalli Andhra Family Horror Story

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The Madanapalli Andhra Family Horror Story:- The Andhra horror story is something that will definitely terrify anyone to their very bone. It shows where to draw the line at religious practices. Two girls were killed as a part of an occult ritual performed by the parents. When the police arrived at the house on Sunday night, the father, V. Purushottam Naidu came out of the trance but the mother continued to dance and shout around the bodies.

The two daughters will also part of the ritual. The older daughter had stabbed the younger daughter multiple times with a trishul, a weapon sued by Lord Shiva and the older daughter was beaten to death with dumbbells by her parents, which are used for exercising.

The police have revealed shocking details from the crime scene. The police found the elder daughters skull completely crushed, The younger daughter’s body was drenched in blood. The mother was found in trance while the police entered and was singing and dancing happily around the dead bodies.

The reason they were killed is because the mother believed that the COVID-19 virus came from Lord Shiva to their daughter and not from China. The daughter had tested positive for the virus and the parents believed that it was the evil in her sent from Lord Shiva. The family believed that killing their daughters and performing a ritual would rid them of the evil as they would have been revived. Before the ritual was completed, police officials entered the room which the mother blames as the reason as to why she could not revive her dead children.

On Sunday night, the police officials were tipped off by the family’s neighbour who is also a colleague of the father after they heard suspicious sounds from the house.

The couple had told the police that they recieved singnals from god and heaven to perform the ritual. Both the daughters allegedly gave their consent for the ritual and would even post about the power of Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, on their Instagram page.

The couple blamed the daughters’ deaths on the police officials, stating that if they would not have arrived to the house and interrupt the ceremony, their daughters would be alive by now.

Padmaja, the mother is a Principal of a corporate school in Chittoor and is a professor from the CHemistry Department from a government College in Madanapalli. Alekhya, the elder daughter is a student of IIFM, the Indian Institute of Forest Mnagement and the younger daughter, Sai Divya was a BBA graduate.

By Meena Atmakuri

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