Nara Lokesh takes a dig at YSRCP

November 17, 2020 16:56
Nara Lokesh takes a dig at YSRCP

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Nara Lokesh takes a dig at YSRCP:- Nara Lokesh took a dig at the ruling YSRCP government for targeting TDP leaders through arrests. The demolition of properties erected during TDP's regime continued under YSRCP's rule which left many in deep shock. Lokesh lost in the 2019 polls after he contested from Mangalagiri constituency and he was slammed, trolled and targeted after TDP lost for YSRCP. Lokesh continued to be in the people and he brought new hope in the cadre of the struggling TDP. Lokesh showed enough maturity in his words along with his acts in the recent times. His recent visit to the flooded impacted regions of Andhra Pradesh gained a positive response. He turned out to be the new ray of hope for the party which seems to be sinking in the state. Here is an exclusive interview with Lokesh and the excerpts in his words about the leading YSRCP government and about how the development came to a halt in the state:

Lokesh started it with the arrests and attacks on the people of the opposition parties. "AP Government is more focused on arrests and targeted all those who raised their voice against the government of Andhra Pradesh. People are quite disappointed because of the negative political game that is being played. All those who questioned their rights are arrested. The cops are misused and Andhra Pradesh is under military rule. Right before the 2019 polls, YS Jagan revealed that 30,000 acres of land would not be enough for the construction of the new capital for Andhra Pradesh and he demanded more land. He promised to develop Amaravati after coming to power and he even constructed a lavish house in the capital region. But he ditched the people by shifting the capital in the name of three capital rule. The farmers of Amaravati who donated their lands voluntarily have been protesting for the past 250 days but YS Jagan and his government is never bothered about their pain" told Lokesh.

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"After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the new state witnessed massive changes politically. YS Jaganmohan Reddy urged the people of the new state to offer him an opportunity to prove himself. The people of Andhra Pradesh voted for him and brought him a record majority. But leaving many in shock, Andhra Pradesh is lagging behind in development and is in a huge financial crisis. Without focusing on development, YS Jagan is playing negative politics in the state expressed many. The people of Andhra Pradesh firmly believed that YS Jagan would rule the state following the footsteps of his father YS Rajasekhar Reddy but things are completely different. From the people of the state to the farmers who donated their lands, everyone is in shock with the capital movement. Though it is badly opposed, YS Jagan continued to proceed with his act. It is almost one and a half years but the AP Government brought no new projects for the state and instead some of the signed deals are canceled. Adani and Lalu groups stepped back and canceled their MoUs after which several new investors have been in the hunt for alternatives instead of heading to Andhra Pradesh. While Telangana attracted investors big time, things are completely different in Andhra Pradesh. Experts have warned of danger bells for the state and Andhra Pradesh is shrinking with financial hurdles as there is no revenue generation" expressed Lokesh.

Lokesh about Polavaram project liquor ban

Speaking about Polavaram project, liquor ban and other issues, Lokesh said "The prestigious Polavaram project is facing hurdles and will struggle to complete. The way the legislators, ministers and leaders of YSRCP spoke in public meetings is really worrying about the people. Their abusive words left people in real shock. The people are opposing the move of YS Jagan who allocated most of the crucial roles to one community. The government is supporting one religion in the state which is hurting the religious sentiments of the people of Andhra Pradesh. The religious rule in the state is hurting the people of Andhra Pradesh. With the name of development activities, a section of people are benefited instead of everyone in the state. Even the jobs and crucial positions are being offered to the people of a particular caste. The government of YSRCP promised liquor ban in their manifesto before the polls but instead, they took a U-Turn and are promoting the sale of low-quality liquor and unknown brands in Andhra Pradesh".

Lokesh on AP Special Status

He also addressed about how the Special Status for Andhra Pradesh has been ignored. Lokesh said "YS Jagan is quite worried about the cases and allegations on him because of which he is not raising the voice before the Centre about the Special Status issue. The people of Andhra Pradesh dreamt about new industries and employment opportunities which will continue to be a dream and never turn true because of the ruling YSRCP government. The dream of Telugu people has been the Polavaram project which is now in trouble. The farmers are left in distress with the current happenings. The state has 22 ruling party MPs but none of them uttered a word about the Special Status in the Parliament. The government never discussed or mounted pressure on the Centre about the 'Special Status for Andhra Pradesh'".

Lokesh spoke about the mounting unemployment in Andhra Pradesh. He said "The unemployment in the state reached new heights and experts warn that the situations would turn worse in the coming years in Andhra Pradesh. The people of Andhra Pradesh feel that the previous government is far better than the current government in the state. Most of them are worried that they would be booked in an illegal case if they raise their voice against the government. People of the state are in a lot of stress because of the ongoing rule by the government".

Nara Lokesh Speech

The biggest evil for Andhra Pradesh happens to be the religious conversions that reached an all-time high after YSRCP took charge told Lokesh. He said "The Centre revealed that there are a lot of religious conversions happening in the state and AP Government is focused on caste and religion-based politics. The Chief Minister of the state is not available for legislators and ministers. The leaders are never available for the people. The High Court issued several warnings but the government is not bothered and continues their own rule in the state. The state is heading towards a disastrous rule expressed experts, analysts, educationalists, farmers and the common people. All the states and national leaders are discussing about this".

Concluding his words, Lokesh said "Andhra Pradesh which was an inspiration for the country in the past is now struggling for development which came to a halt. Even the leaders of the ruling party are in shock with the paths chosen by YS Jaganmohan Reddy and his government".

Nara Lokesh turned out to be the new ray of hope for TDP and for Andhra Pradesh. The people are in helpless situations and they could do nothing except to wait for 2024 polls.

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