Noida Amity Issue: Social Media Demands Justice for Harsh, Madhav

September 03, 2019 18:08
Noida Amity Issue: Social Media Demands Justice for Harsh, Madhav

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Noida Amity Issue: Social Media Demands Justice for Harsh, Madhav:- Social media erupted with fire demanding justice for Harsh, Madhav. Four Amity University students assaulted two students in and outside the college campus located in Sector 125. The victims have been identified as Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary who are pursuing BA Political Science in Amity University. The Noida cops arrested four students in relation to this case. Madhav and Harsh are in critical condition in hospital. Madhav is in ICU battling for life due to internal bleeding.

The incident took place while Harsh Yadav was parking his car outside the campus. When Harsh was parking his i20, a girl rushed in her Ford and stopped it in the middle of the road and the argument heated up. Soon after Harsh parked his vehicle in the other slot, she started abusing and threatening him. The argument reached a new level soon. After Harsh and Madhav rushed to attend their class, the girl's five male friends came and abused, assaulted Harsh, Madhav.

Noida Amity Incident

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After the incidents in and outside the campus, Harsh and Madhav approached the cops. Soon this turned out to be a debate on social media and Harsh, Madhav received huge support. The pictures of wounded students were surfaced over the social media circles and netizens demanded justice for the injured Harsh, Madhav. The below hashtags started trending across the social media circles soon after the incident created a sensation:


Soon the pictures of the students along with the girl who abused Harsh and Madhav surfaced and they are circulated online. Several stepped out responding on a loud tone demanding justice for the innocent students who are brutally beaten. A small incident on the parking issue left two students in critical condition. Amity University is yet to respond to the incident. The cops are investing the matter and netizens are waiting for the update on the brutal attack.

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