KCR Speaks Up About Muslim, ST Quota In Assembly

November 10, 2017 12:33
KCR Speaks Up About Muslim, ST Quota In Assembly

(Image source from: ETV Telangana)

KCR Speaks Up About Muslim, ST Quota In Assembly:- Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has made some strong comments about Muslim, ST quota. Expressing confidence, Mr. KCR said that he would secure 12 per cent quota for Muslims in education and employment in the same manner in which he had achieved statehood for Telangana.

He said, “When I started the statehood movement in 2001, everyone used to say it was impossible. But they were proved wrong. In the same way, doubts are being raised that it is not possible to secure 12 per cent quota for Muslims against the directions of Supreme Court’s cap of 50 per cent. I am confident that this too will be achieved soon.”

KCR added that TS too would get the relaxation with the cooperation of the Centre, since Tamil Nadu was allowed to implement quotas above the SC limit of 50 per cent. Mr Rao, addressing in the assembly, said that after the TS Legislature passed the Reservation Bill last year enhancing quota for Muslims and STs, he had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on two or three occasions. He said that he had briefed Modi about the need for Centre to approve the law based on the social and economic backwardness of the community.

“The PM responded positively and promised to consider it favourably at an appropriate time. I have full faith in him,” Mr Rao said

The Chief Minister said he had requested Mr Modi to leave the decision on reservations in states to the respective governments and that the Centre should not interfere in this.

"Each state has different composition of religions and castes and their own social and economic problems. There should be flexibility for states to take a decision on reservations in jobs and education provided by state governments. The PM has responded positively and assured to take steps in this direction. But due to consecutive elections in various states since then, it got delayed," Mr Rao added.

Mr Rao further added that to approve the TS Reservations Act, and include it in the IX Schedule of the Constitution, he had requested Mr. Modi, to provide legal cover along the lines of Tamil Nadu.

KCR Opens The Gift Bag For Minorities

A series of sops for the minorities in the state, in the assembly were announced by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, on Thursday.

- In all welfare schemes and programmes, Muslims, Christians and linguistic minorities will be given reservations. For every category, the quotas will be decided, Muslims are expected to get 4 per cent.

- The official second language of the state would be Urdu. Along with English and Telugu, competitive and recruitment exams would be held in Urdu.

- In all important institutions 66 Urdu officers would be appointed. It would start with the Council and Assembly, offices of the Chief Minister, Cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary, Director-General of Police, and district collectorates.

- Financial assistance for pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Christians and monthly salary for pastors/ reverends.

- For minorities in district headquarters, study circles, skill development centres, women empowerment centres.

- For self employment schemes, extension of subsidised loans up to Rs 2.50 lakh without any bank linkage.

- To avail the Rs 20 lakh scholarship to pursue studies abroad which will be applicable to minorities, SCs, STs and BCs, upper income ceiling to Rs 5 lakh from Rs 2 lakh for students.

- Fee reimbursement and scholarship arrears of minorities to be cleared.

- For the welfare of minorities this fiscal, Government spent over Rs 800 crore.

- In minority residential hostels, TS ready to spend Rs 2,800 per student per year.

(Video Source: ETV Telangana)


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