Shiv Sena Leaders Charge At Aviation Minister In LokSabha; Rajnath intervenes

April 06, 2017 17:22
Shiv Sena Leaders Charge At Aviation Minister In LokSabha; Rajnath intervenes

Some shocking scenes unfolded in Parliament, today, as Shiv Sena members, and former Union Minister Anant Geete, charged at the Civil Aviation Minister, Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

The incident occurred, as Gajapathi Raju, refused to intervene, and end the flying ban on their colleague Ravindra Gaikwad.

BJP members, including several union ministers, watched in shock, as their associates hit Raju’s bench in anger and did not allow him to leave.

Soon thereafter, several leaders, including Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, attempted to shield Raju, as Geete seemed to come at him.

The incident occurred soon after the House was adjourned, as Sena members created a fight, protesting Raju’s response to Gaikwad’s statement. After the flight ban incident, Gaikwad attended the House for the first time.

The Shiv Sena members, were upset with Raju’s brief, but pointed remarks following Gaikwad’s statement. The Shiv Sena MP, denied any wrongdoing on his part, and instead accused the Air India officials of misbehaving with him. He even sought strict action against them, especially the Chairman and Managing Director of the airline.

The situation went out of hand, after Ravindra Gaikwad’s speech in the Lok Sabha, in which he agreed to apologize in parliament, but not to the Air India official, whom he had assaulted with slippers.

Gajapathi Raju said, it was Gaikwad to decide if he wanted to settle the matter or raise it, announcing that the ban of Gaikwad from the airlines, is as per the law, which will take its own course.

Raju, apparently justifying the ban on Gaikwad, said, the matter was not about an MP but a passenger. “The aircraft is a machine where people fly, and safety is important and cannot be compromised.”

His reply evoked the Sena members, who jumped out of their seats and surrounded Raju’s seat in the front row.

Before Raju spoke, Geete too joined his colleagues in rebuking the action against Gaikwad, and appeared to be taking a dig at the Central Government. Geete further said, it is a people’s Government, but the “one-sided decision”, was shameful and tragic.

However, Raju sat quietly as the Sena members, including Geete, shouted at him in anger.

Rajnath Singh, after several adjournments, sought to stop the crisis, by telling the House that the Civil Aviation Minister will talk to all stakeholders to reach an amicable solution.

Other Congress members, were heard shouting “shame, shame” over the chaos in the House, while Trinamool Congress MP, joined Sena members, in criticizing Raju, asking under what law, was Gaikwad barred from flying.

Gaikwad further claimed that a number of officials, shouted and pushed him, while he replied to them “quietly.” He said, he had been held guilty, without any investigation and was made a victim of media trial.

An official, when asked about his identity, told him that he was “Air India ka Baap” (Air India’s father), and taunted him by asking “Are you Narendra Modi,” when he said he was a Lok Sabha MP, claimed Gaikwad.

Gaikwad claimed that, he just pushed an official, after he was pushed around.

The Air India’s charge, that he fought with its officials over a wrong seat, and added that the Air India officials, got angry with him, when he demanded a complaint book. Gaikwad also lashed out at Air India, and other airlines from barring him from flying.

After the incident, seven tickets were booked, and Gaikwad rejected the reports, that he had tried to book air tickets several times after the flying ban was imposed on him, but in vain. He claimed he had never done so, and others had booked them. He also said, Aadhar card should be made compulsory for booking air tickets.

Gaikwad said, the guilty are roaming around freely, while he has been banned from flying. He also lashed out at the Delhi Police for charging him under section 308 of the IPC, which he claimed was invoked, when the crime is “attempt to murder.” He demanded he should be released from the charges.

(Video Source: NTV Telugu)

Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad Barred From Flying In Airline

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