Hindu mob kills a Muslim for eating beef!

October 01, 2015 10:41
Hindu mob kills a Muslim for eating beef!

The Hindu mob killed a Muslim man on the outskirts of Delhi, for allegedly eating the beef.

It was known that, Beef is banned in the country and it did not even exempted the rule for the Muslim festival.
Even after the strict ban on beef, a man, named Mohammed Akhlaq allegedly ate beef and upon knowing this, a Hindu mob beaten Akhlaq to the death.

Reacting on the issue, Akhlaq mother, Asghari Begum said that, she had never ever seen beef in her life time. “Even then, a few of the people, attacked us and forcefully entered my house and checked our fridge for beef. Without even knowing what kind of meat it was in the fridge, they started hitting us with the bricks and stones.”

Former MLA says Akhlaq ate beef 

On the other hand, Nawab Singh , Bharatiya Janata Party’s former MLA from the area said that, the boys who were arrested are probably innocent and are unnecessarily cornered by the police with the baseless allegations. He moreover blamed the victim's family for the violence.

Nawab Singh said, “The incident is truly unfortunate but, if the allegation that the accused ate beef is true, the family simply brought what happened to it upon itself.”

There are many doubts on Begum's family saying that, they are trying to corner Hindus. Moreover, they are not able to give a valid explanation for the meat found in the fridge. Begum said that, it was not beef but some other meat. This made the officials doubt upon Begum and now investigating the case and trying to get deeper into the issue. 

Beef case: Locals suspect Shiva temple priest

Locals of the village said that, Ikhlaq' family is the only Muslim's family living inside the village, where 10000 Hindus live and the rest of the 25-30 Muslim families live at the outskirts of the village.

The locals opined that a priest at the local Shiva temple might have encouraged the Hindu mob to attack Ikhlaq's family.
Out of the 10 attacked, six people were arrested and the remaining four people are yet to be found. After taking the locals statement, the police have now started inquiring Shiva temple priest too. As it is the sensitive issue, the police are investigating the case with more care. Hope no religion rivalries prevail the country again, through the issues like these in the future.

By Phani Ch

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