How many more farmers must die?

April 23, 2015 18:33
How many more farmers must die?

Yesterday’s incident in which Rajasthan farmer Gajendra Singh died is really an eye opener for both common man party and for Saffron batch. The farmer reportedly hanged himself in front of thousands at an Aam Aadmi Party rally on Wednesday.

As usual, instead of finding the solution, stories mushroomed over his death.

The death was not the sort to commit suicide, says his shell-shocked family.

"He was full of life and very energetic. He heard about the rally and said he would go because he wanted to draw attention to the suffering of farmers," said a villager.

Though Gajendra's farm had been damaged, he was not in extreme crisis, his family said. In 17 bighas (around seven acres)  of land, he owned several trees of guava and aamla or gooseberry; his wheat and mustard crop had been destroyed in unseasonal rain.

After various accounts, the Delhi police are investigating whether Gajendra's death was a suicide or an accident.

"He even called up his younger brother Vijendra Singh on his cell phone to say he was on TV," said a villager.

"He climbed the tree only to grab attention. Can you seriously believe a man would climb a tree in front of so many people and commit suicide? I can't believe that not one person tried to save him," Gajendra's uncle Rajendra Singh told media.

His family says the letter that Gajendra threw down at the crowd was not a suicide note. "He just wanted help," a relative said.

On the other hand, rumors doing the rounds that Aam Aadmi Party leaders and workers are just watching the show and even obstructed police who came to rescue the farmer while he is hanging himself.

The police registered an FIR on the same.  However, the Khakis refused to join a magisterial probe ordered by the AAP government. The police got a support in the form of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

"Policemen at the spot alerted the control room and asked for a fire tender with a long ladder, so that this person could be brought down. The Delhi police tried to stop the crowd from provoking Gajendra. In such cases, people involved in such acts should be engaged in conversation and persuaded. But the people at the rally kept clapping, making noise," Mr Singh said in Parliament.

Now the common man party tries to retaliate. "The home minister is conspiring against us," said AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, reacting to the allegations against his party.

Strange, but fact that the whole nation gets united on the tragedy, except the politicians. After the ballot box politics, they even stepped down to death politics.

Finally, how many more must die?

The deadly silence all over.

- Manohar

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