Tug of Words on the bifurcation: PoliTicking Wishesh

January 27, 2013 11:25
Tug of Words on the bifurcation: PoliTicking Wishesh

Namaskaram andi!
The ongoing verbal duels on the T state bifurcation between the Telangana and Seemandhra leaders seems to be going overboard with both the sides erasing the wafer thin boundaries of the 'freedom of speech.' Before we take a plunge into who said what, it is imminent that the leaders are supposed to set standards and if this is what we have to hear from them, it is disappointing and agonising. This is just the lighter side of the issue while no harm is intended to anyone.

Congress high Command decides that it is high time to look into the solution after dillydallying with emotions of both the sides. The core committee meeting headed by the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at Delhi had the participation of the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, union ministers Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chidambaram, Anthony, Susheel Kumar Shinde and many others. According to sources the mounting crisis on both sides is forcing the central government to take a firm decision over the issue, if not on January 28, at least in the first week of next month.  

T rejects 'Jai Andhra meet': Congress MP from T, Ponnam Prabhakar claims that the Andhra MP Undavalli Arun Kumar is a flesh worker, over his statements in the 'Jai Andhra Pradesh' meet held recently at Rajahmundry.  In addition many leaders from the T region cutting party lines slammed the Rajahmundry meet. TRS leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy also flared at the Rajamundry MP that he was chameleon and changed his colors as per needs. He also ascertained that if the government plans to open a 'rowdy sheeter' on T students the whole state would turn into war fare.

Botsa in a soup: Amidst all this confusion, PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana was in for a toss. On an invitation from the Seemandhra leaders, he attended the Rajahmundry meet. But T leaders of the Congress party expressed that the leader was common to the entire state and he should have avoided the meet, as it was held by section of the state and not a common one. By doing so,  Ponnam Prabhakar claims, Botsa has lost the credibility of being a leader for the entire state. It showed his support for the other side. On the other hand the PCC chief defended his action as he had just visited the meet as a friend, which most disagree from the T side.

Undavalli retort: Undavalli immediately addressed the media and said that his words at the 'Jai Andhra meet' were misinterpreted. He said that though he was not against the T formation but the solution must be achieved through dialogue and not through protests, was his explanation. He also said that he could understand the feelings of the leaders of the other side but explained that he meant no harm to them. Undavalli also stressed that he would abide by the high command's decision on the issue.

However after a long silence, Undavalli's vociferous statements at the meet really surprised many. This also lead to a wide speculations that he could have been a mouth piece to a prominent force from the national capital. If it is true who could be the kingpin in the verbal slang.  

T struggle is not a kids ploy: Another senior leader V Hanumantha Rao also reacted sharply to the Rajahmundry meet, he said that the statements made by Undavalli were very amateurish. The senior leader also ascertained that the T struggle was not a child's play and had many sacrifices by renowned persons of the region.  

Disgrace to the state: America warns visits to AP: The American government has issued warnings to persons visiting the state till February 04, owing to the possible tensions on T issue. It may be remembered that once a visit of the American premier was filled with a schedule to the hi-tech city, due to its IT importance. But now this warning is surely a disgrace to the state.

On the whole, tensions on both sides are escalating due to political fueling. An amicable dialogue is out of question but an amicable solution is within the reach of the ruling party, which instilled the present feud. (Wishesh AarKay)

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