Welcome to the Fight Club; Digvijay to Rakhi

November 14, 2012 15:31
Welcome to the Fight Club; Digvijay to Rakhi

We all know that both of them have one thing in common, they are synonyms to the word called "Controversy" and now they are ready for a legal battle against each other. It's official now, the sharp tongued Congress leader Digvijay Sing and the fiery item girl cum reality television star Rakhi Swant, gearing up for a final showdown.

The veteran politician has expressed his will to fight against the multi-colored Rakhi who filed a defamation case against him. Rakhi did this because of Digvijay's  infamous tweet where he said that Arvind Kejriwal and Rakhi Sawant try to expose things even if they don't have anything to show. This made Rakhi reportedly so offended that she filed Rs 50 Crore lawsuit against him. And not surprisingly to create another sensational issue he asked Rakhi to go ahead.

On her defense Rakhi said she always respected and thought Mr.Singh to be a handsome !...and intelligent politician and it is upsetting for her to see Digvijay using her shoulder to fire against Kejriwal. She added that the politician has lost his mental balance and his link up comment was totally uncalled for. It will be very interesting to see as both the fighters have a reputation of seeking attention through loud comments . So if you expect lots of spice , razor sharp comments, character assassination etc in this new drama,  most likely you are not going to be dissatisfied. Well..any publicity is good publicity...

Welcome to the FIGHT CLUB..! The bell is ringing already...


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