Mumbai Crime branch seeks permission to interrogate Kasab

August 06, 2012 14:45
Mumbai Crime branch seeks permission to interrogate Kasab

Maharashtra Government had been approached by the Mumbai Crime branch seeking permission to conduct a probe on Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving terrorist from the ghastly 26/11 attacks in 2008.

Crime branch is making efforts to bring Zaibuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal face to face with Ajmal Kasab and conduct an interrogation. Abu Jundal was remanded to Mumbai police after his arrest in Delhi that followed his deporting in Saudi Arabia in June.

Abu Jundal played a key role in training the terrorists in the attacks in Mumbai. He has also provided the details of the ISI activists and LeT leaders involved in the terrorism. He also revealed that he was in control of the 10 terrorists who were in the Mumbai attacks from a control room in Karachi.

The police are trying to get Kasab identify Ansari as the 26/11 handler Jundal while conducting an

Sources say the police want to have Kasab identify Ansari as Jundal, the 26/11 handler, and also study the divergences in the statements they make regarding the attacks in Mumbai.

Jundal was in jail in Delhi for a month after which he was moved to Mumbai on July 21 where he was interrogated regarding the 26/11 case. He would remain in the Custody of the Mumbai Crime Branch till 21st July according to a latest extension provided by the court.

Jundal was named by Kasab, who is now in a bulletproof cell in St Arthur Road, Mumbai, among the ones who were involved in terrorism. He said that Jundal also taught them Marathi and Hindi before they came to India.

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