Humanity sans religion, traverse across borders

March 07, 2012 12:07
Humanity sans religion, traverse across borders

A Muslim man believes God as Ultimate power, be it `Allah or Bhagawan’- the man who decorates ISKCON temples globally with his gorgeous dresses, is a vegetarian.

India is a country of varied religions and culture. Almost every three miles there is a cultural change. In spite of this diversity the theme of the nation has been Unity. Another reason to be proud of being an Indian is narrated down here, from my morning dosage of online news search. The incident is just brought up for reader enrichment. This is about 58-year–old Abdul Rasheed who is the official dress designer for the ISKCON deities in a Mumbai Temple. He has been decorating the deities, so exquisitely that his dresses are most acclaimed by devotes and his services are sought by ISKCON globally. The designer is right now making a pink out fit for the deities on account of Holi-a colorful festival. The festival is also known as Rang Panchami and is on 8 March this year. The pink dress is made of pure silk and has silver zari work with gems embedded in them.

The tailor, who joined ISKCON 1976, was so much impressed by Swami Prabhupada’s counseling that he continued to stay there since then. And ever since then to till day he is a pure vegetarian. In an interaction to a prominent media, he is quoted as, "God, the source of energy in this world, is one. It only has different manifestations -- be it Allah or Bhagwan. I have never given any thought that I am a Muslim designing for Hindu deities. The temple authorities have treated me, as their own." He added, "Ever since, I began working at ISKCON, which is 36 years ago, I have been a vegetarian."

True some people excel even in their day to day activity. They are extraordinary in their ordinary lives. Such people set standards to all of us. This could only be possible in this country, where we believe in `Unity in Diversity’. Mera Bharath Mahaan!!!(With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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